Vote market is functional - Few more loose ends but will be live tomorrow the latest. -> Send your votes to se-app instead

in #steemlast year

Sell your vote, voting market will be live tomorrow...

All the core features are working ... they are just a little crude... Aditionally Im starting and stopping the backend up as I make little changes but all in all recieving votes -> and receiving posts are both functional...

If you are wondering , i will provide a brief description of the process ->

Send your votes to se-app

your vote is registered into the system.

from that point until 12 hours before payout vote sellers can come in and upvote your post until the budget is cleard.

Conversely as a voter. you will be granting us posting authority for your account which allows us to vote using your account, with my private key so that you are never exposing it to the outside world.

anyhow after you cast the vote, it will be recorded and you will be credited with that steem as soon as the vote pays out...

The one catch here is that there will be a minimum cashout of 1 steem.

This is to prevent thousands of tiny tiny dust payouts that are going to burn through rcs.

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