Hahahha! Yeah the Poloniex is the next step in our mission to bypass the moon shot and get to Mars. Effff the Moon shot. We did that in 1969. We are going to Mars and here is why the payouts are so high on this platform right now as it relates to mining of other crypto.

The moon is in sight gentlemen. Full steem ahead!

Should we troll at trollbox ? 😂😂

Is Poloniex much better than Bittrex in terms of security and fees? Newbie here, lol.

bro Im not much of a bloger, but I can comment.. I will figure out how to win here in time.. you feel me

Nice way to show how flawed the reward system is.

No content created, writes 5 words, posts a link and is rewarded with over $2k. Agreed the award system does seem to be flawed.

Wah wah wah wahhhhhhhhhhh

Now i see why price go up!

Thanks for the nightmares!

Congrats! Hope Steem can go to more platforms, gain more support, be more 'landed' ( for example , as Ned said to attract publishers), be more 'used' (for example: Steem market place), and have a better interface soon!


Funny how I was the first to post about this and got $0.01.

Then comes a one sentence post getting $2000+.

Steem logic! :)

Its just about luck

Damn you beat me by ten whole minutes LOL! Good job bro.

Yeah I had a bot sounding the alarm.

Should have also wrote a bot to post on Steemit and to upvote that post from 5 accounts like @steemed apparently did. :)

it's all you life...

And the price is back up!

So here we go.. since coin hits poloniex, STEEM will only head upwards now! But what do I know I missed initial ride and now I can only cry and STEEM!

The obvious reply....



Woke up, saw price at 0.005+, I was like what the hell happened and people FOMO'ed. Ok, now it makes sense.

Oh yay!

It was a given really !

First Poloniex then the World!!!!!!

I am here because poloniex. I had never heard of steemit before. You should expect much more people coming next few days.


Thats good news! An opportunity to buy for pure investors

Wath a great news.
It also rise almost 1/3 since i go sleaping. Im glad to see how god support it actualy is on steemit ;) Together we can make this big and great. And recrut friends fammily etc.
I hope all gonna join, just to prove to Facebook etc that, this actualy is the great and best sossial media ewer built :) keep up the good work mates :)

-Kind Regards

Seeeeeh madafaka!!

Awesome man dream come true thanks steems team !! Kudos !

come on steem now rock and roll . i am going to kick my eth and bitcoin and going to buy more steem and hold

i hope that steem touch moon skyrocket

That's a good news ...

Super! Туземун!!!

Nice, so good. I'll trading with it lol

Yeah, looks like this might be the next rocket.

one of the best thing that happen this week. =D

good news!

Great! But why they didn't add steem against bitcoin chart?? It would be really usefull and convenient.

Already bought some steem @polo... let the ride begin :)

Let the good times roll!

I bet the trollbox is blowing up!

1143BTC already traded

WOW - that's big!

Steem and Steem Dollars are both doing well in Polo

Wow this caught me by surprise. Never expected it to happen out of the blue but this is huge news because liquidity is about to go way up. How long until they put Steem Dollars on there though?

No wonder huge rise from 0.0036 to 0.0048

Aja ya esta

awesome,good news for all lovers of poloniex
thanks u @steemed

Thank you for sharing.

kraken?? when?

It's awesome that Polo added the token. I was particularly dreading going through the process of setting up an account at another exchange.

Hopefully this helps spread some liquidity and enable more speculation to come into the ecosystem.


seriously they couldnt have waited 30 minutes... ima end up buying at 3 instead of 2.50 waiting for escrow to clear on bitcoins.

go! go! go! goooooo!

Lets remember everyone raise a glass to Ned and the other developers for making this happen!

Dumped all my ETH for Steem lets see how this goes

And so it begins!!!

Up up and away! Thanks for keeping us informed. the best crypto market in the world.good for steem.enjoy

Wait for it ....

Now it's on Poloniex you sure don't ever want to be locked out of your account. Your Steem (power) will take you to the moon. Therefore safe your keys in this awesome Steem Wallet!


Too the moon!

Why was this flagged so much? Strange people.

Cheers! And soon Steem is everywhere :)

very nice! Welcome to my blog @alex2016

Its really great...long live steem

Why are not you following anyone?

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