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RE: Steemit Update [ August 22nd, 2022 ] : Steemit Engagement Challenge Communities for Season 4

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Much awaited update from the Steemit Team. Thanks a lot for giving Steem4Bloggers a chance to hold the Season 4 of Engagement Challenge. We would love to bring creative and awesome contests. Congratulations to all the other selected community. I, as the admin of the community, accept this update. Here is my discord:



I am new here can u help me

Felicidades a la comunidad @steem4bloggers por haber Sido seleccionada para esta nueva edición del SEC.
Felicidades a los amigos @steemdoctor, @malikausman1 y a su equipo.

Thank you so much dear friend for your support and wishes.

Felicidades @steemdoctor1 estaremos dando apoyo a todos los retos de la comunidad, será una temporada de muy activa
Exitos en la comunidad 👋

Thanks a lot brother for your support and precious comment.

Congratulation Friends 👍

Thank you friend.

Good one... so glad to be here..though quite new

I am new here . Some body can help me ..?

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