Steembullet 01/07/2018

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Steembullet greets Everyone all the way from Africa a good evening

Steembullet and s a small group of people or community coming together to achieve there best on steemit, people might see our post and laugh at us,

but we are our faith we will reach our goal. Most whale see we the young ones trying to climb up to the top, instead of helping with a helping hand, they only look at us and laugh at us,

if the whale can't help us grow, then they are ready to let us go hungry, we minnows are the young ones, while the whale are our elder one, we look up to them.


we are trying to bring a community that will give benefit to the minnows on steemit for a longs time. We have a project which we are still working on for the betterment of the people,

we need your support

We need steem and sbd to get steempower, please donate any amount of steem or sbd from 0.100 up to any amount you feel like giving steembullet. Which will be used to get steempower for the community.

You may ask what steembullet?

Steembullet is a young growing group and community, coming together to help the minnows, we call the help of all Steem Power holders incentize to vote but your vote is needed on steembullet post.


The sooner we get good casts of vote, the better for us to help the minnows grow, also in regard to how much curation reward we get.
We Are here to make only good posts for Steem peeps to vote.

20180608_012603_0001.pngThis is the Link to our WhatsApp

Our aim of building Steembullet is to give minnows a better upvote
2)To have much more Steempower for the people.
3)To call the help of whale to also back us up

We need help of both whale, dolphin,minnows to take part into Steembullet growth
Also I highly encourage everyone to this very post, with this link of our whatsapp group, so that people reading our post know what our aim for steemit, and why we did it. follow and upvote our post.

#steemit #nigeria #wafrica #naijapidgin #stach


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