Marketing Ramble Recording

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This past Saturday we held a chat in The Ramble discord. @aggroed and @shadowspubs were the hosts for the chat. It was an open format inviting input from those attending to identify and talk about what and how to promote the Steem platform.

Discussion was lively. The two hours flew by and judging by the participation level, another two could have had we not needed to put an end time on.

You’ve asked for more. We’ll do so. Aggroed worked up a HackMd document as the information unfolded during the show. You may want to have a look at that while listening. It serves as a good summary of the discussion.


I hope to increase the promotion in China

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@pennsif had the best comment during this entire conversation.

Focus concerning marketing of STEEM related DAPPS is broken. Does one market the Internet?

In the same way the STEEM Platform is not what needs to be marketed. What needs marketing is the DAPPS/Tribes/Communities.