[Burn STEEM] STEEM RISE Project post #42

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STEEM RISE Project Post #42

All rewards received by @steem.rise are eventually burned.

All rewards by @steem.rise account will be used to purchase SBD on the internal market and convert it into STEEM.

More info about STEEM RISE Project.

The project is run by STEEM Witness @roadofrich.

@steem.rise의 모든 수익은 100% 소각됩니다.

@steem.rise의 모든 수익은 내부 거래소에서 SBD를 구매해 STEEM으로 컨버트 합니다.

STEEM RISE 프로젝트에 자세한 정보는 링크를 참고해주세요.

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