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Crypto Crash

The market is crashing and I LOVE IT. Gimme all that STEEM Power! STEEM has dropped to $1.75, while the crypto market as a whole is tumbling today. The crypto space has apparently shed over $13 Billion. But remember, when there's blood in the streets ... wait how does that saying go?


Thanks, Google. When there's blood in my poop, i mean blood in the streets, buy STEEM Power!!!

That's the beauty of finding an investment you're fully confident in. Today's price has no effect on my belief in the underlying product and where it will be long-term. A crash only increases my desire to invest. So please, keep dropping and i'll keep buying. See you at the top ;)

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I was loading up steem today. overload.

Steem power is better than biceps ;)

Enjoy your new steem power :-)

When there's blood in the streets go tubing behind your jet ski!
You'be been followed, upvoted and resteemed, buy buy buy!


Thanks! You get $0.34 for that ;) And a follow


Well that's mighty kind of ya!


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When There's Blood In My Poop, I Mean Blood In The Streets, Buy STEEM Power!

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Thanks for the post and the comedic approach you took with it. BTW this post reminded me that I should probably do a Google search to find out why there is blood in my urine so thanks for that reminder as well as I have been putting that off for a while now ;)

Anyways see you at the top and FULL STEEM AHEAD!

Bitcoin, Ethereum or Steem? I think it pays to hold all three. Yes, one of these might skyrocket over the others, but it is more likely that all three will go up. Better to diversify in case some bad news crashes one or more of the select cryptos.

thats what you call a good dip. Also looks like SBD is higher than Steem

haha, that google search result would be so epic!

Exactly what i did!

Resteemed, upvoted, and already followin ;)

I bought some Steem too today... Love your profile picture btw ! Great film.


Thanks! One of my favorites

Sounds great advise to me

this post best discribed the kind of day we are having, all my friends are panicking and im here shopping .... Xmas day in June gotta love it :D

good sentences

Follow me steem.engine

ihave to wait to buy the stemm. hopely my sbd rises today

Hahaha, so now that I have confirmed that there is blood in my poop I need to buy... what was it again...? Ethereum?

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LOVE this. I cant wait to start investing. Keep up the good work @steem.engine