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Its been almost a year we forked steem auto after it discontinued and kept it runnig as a free service . And currently over 4300 People use Steem Auto on a daily bssis .

What is Steem Auto ?

Steem auto as simple the name is automates few tasks on steem blockchain . They are voting and claiming rewards , we did have scheduled posting service and downvote trail as well but we discontinued that. Apat from that steem auto allows users to create voting trails and follow any voting trail or fanbase .

VOting trails are trails that you follow account a when they vote in any posts . Fanbase is when any account posts on the steem blockchain then you automatically broadcast an upvote for them . The setup ae pretty simple and straight forward . Steem Auto allows you to customize voting time and voting weight . You can also enalbe Automatically cliam your curation and author rewards .

After we started this service we actuallly never see how much traffic it would serve and today when i was roaming around my cloudflare the results i saw were amazing .

In the Last 30 days steem auto had 220.34K total requests

In the last 24 hours only there were total of 3.86K requests .

Most of the requests are origining from south korea with daily visits of 466 users and India in the second place with 457 users in last 24 hours .

We have a maximum Unique visitors of 17 users per hour , and increasing . These results seems to be amazing .


RANK : 427,007
Traffic source

Traffice Share (Peoples who also visit below sites)

If you search for steem auto on google , is the first site to be displayed , well that obvious tho , LOL .

Group 11.png

Group 14.png

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Hey there, just wondering if auto-post is coming back. Being able to schedule posts really helps me out. If it's not coming back, do you know of an alternative and safe place to schedule posts from?

Thank you so much

Hey .. there is no problem to bring it back .. but some people just posted every 1 hour and I was accused of being the bad guy mmso I brought it down .. DM me if you want it and I can provide you a private link to do that

Oh man sorry to hear that. Some people just have to use and abuse everything. Looks like we are already connected on telegram :)

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