Creating bot on Steem -- Day 1 - Tag Specific Comment Bot

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Commenting Bot On Steem

Today i am gonna make a post about creating a comment bot on steemit that will stream the blockchain for newly created posts and comment there in your desired tag is to be found.


  1. Linux Server with Internet Access
  2. Node Js
  3. Steemjs

You could get cheap servers in digital ocean.

Assumimg you have a ubuntu 20.10 server and nodejs installed .

npm install steemjs

This will isntall steemjs libraries in your server .

Create a file called index.js and copy all the code from this link

nano index.js

Alternatevely you can also fork the git hub

git clone

There are few files to edit so that the bot shall work properly

In the third line replace the username with your account username , and in the 6th line replace the 'posting_key' with your posting key to authorize posting through the bot . In the 4th line you can replace the tag with your desired tag where you want to automatically comment . There are other options that you can customize as well , in the 5th line where the tagfetch varialbe is defined you can change those to any amount of posts you want to fetch once you run the bot .

I will be posting these types of tutorial on a daily basis and you can lear a lot from it .

Please follow me so that you will not miss my posts .

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Group 14.png

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My previous post about Installing Full Steem Node


While I prefer Linux over Windows in principle, I, and most people are stuck with Windows.
Is there an alternative for Windows users?
Also, what if I prefer to run a bot from my own PC, only when I use it?

BTW, you have https://steemdb.onine/ listed as your website in your profile here, but it is off. is the websit mate ..seems working for me

i have never been much good with windows

For an unknown reason, when I click the link in my comment, or from your profile it does not work, but when I clicked it from your comment, it worked.

strange right --! lol

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