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Yesterday on September 4th, 2009 (Wednesday) the #SteemPhilippines group had it's 3rd official meetup.

The plan was for it to start at Bo's Coffee in SM Ecoland (Davao City) but @nathansenn was running late. @chrisrice was running a little late too since @emafe wanted to eat hot cakes (pancakes) on the side of SM where they sell street food, Chris also went to 7-11 first to buy a little more Steem.

So Gerhard @usveteran changed the meetup to S&R since he got there first. Chris met him there with his family and @viverlie was there too.



This meetup was more light-hearted than the previous ones. Gerhard joked a lot, he talked about his faith in the Trump adminstration and Chris talked about Steem-Engine and making communities at the current price of ENG tokens.

Steem Philippines Meetup 3.jpeg

The way it works is that anyone with an interest in creating an online community can essentially pay 3,200 Steem ($544 USD) to launch their own version of Steemit with their own unique token displayed & used on the website instead of Steem. And then if they advance another 1 Steem for every "active" user they plan on having in the future, they can then run their Steem-Engine-based DAPP without having to pay any hosting fees - as long as Steem-Engine is in business and the community owner keeps enough of the ENGs they bought staked to their project (1 ENG per active user / $0.17 USD per active user), they won't have to pay anything each year except for maybe their domain name renewal.

@chrisrice proceeded to ask @nathansenn when he got there if this was a good deal and Nathan said it sounded decent. For Nathan though, it would probably make more sense for him to just start his own DAPP without Steem-Engine, but Chris emphasized how DAPPs launched on Steem-Engine are more or less turnkey, and wouldn't require much maintanance since the maintanance and even most of the upgrades would be handled by Steem-Engine and the @aggroed team.


This led to some interesting discussions and the group ate Pizza at S&R, talked about buying more Steem and possibly ENG if prices went lower, and after that, the group called it a night.

If you want to see some clips of the 1st #SteemPhilippines meetup, it is included towards the end of this video:


If anyone lives in Davao City and is interested in meeting other blockchain and crypto enthusiasts, or if you just want to meet other people, you are invited to the next #SteemPhilippines meetup at SM Ecoland on September 11th, 2019 (Wednesday) from 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM.

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And I came late as well.

Yeah, I will try to make sure to cover different people next time.

Once the website is up via @engrave, other people can author the meetup posts, so in the future, you can write one of the meetup summaries :D

I'm currently waiting for @engrave to support domain names and I think that will be soon.

P.S. I finally have your Steem username now @riyuwe!

Good to hear that one. It would help us grow our Steem Community in PH esp. Davao and we can support them too.

Crossed fingers to the domain extension man.

PS heck ya! I followed you both man

YES! @riyuwe

I'm happy that you and @nathansenn are meeting with me every week. It's not only for our projects, I actually enjoy discussing this stuff too!!

Thanks for the write-up. Always good to hear how Steem meetups go around the world.

Your welcome @pennsif 😊👍

This was our 3rd meetup in a row and we plan on doing another one next week.

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You all really look happy, you definitely had a great time.

Thank you @oluwatobiloba we did have a good time 😊☝️

Keep doing well people of Davao! Glad that the tribes and Steem-Engine were mentioned in the meetup. Wishing you guys the best.

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It would be nice if there's a tribe like

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The #SteemPhilippines website is now up at 😀

And currently points to our Facebook Page, but it would be nice if we could create a Philippine-based DAPP for

We just need to gather the required ENG first 👍🙂

P.S. @emafe registered the token PH on Steem-Engine a little while back, and that is likely the token we'd use for a Steem-Engine based DAPP if we create one 👍

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