[Tutorial] How to use cli_wallet without downloading complete blockchain on Windows x64

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Hi guys, I'm not really good in english so I'll go straight away to technical stuff on how to running cli_wallet on Windows OS without downloading whole STEEM blockchain.

What we need:

Downloading Components

  • Download MS Visual C++ runtime and install it
  • Download STEEM binary and extract it to any folder you choose
  • Download CA Cert and put it into same folder as your cli_wallet.exe

steem folder

Starting cli_wallet

  • Navigate to steem folder, press shift + right click then select Open command windows here
  • On windows terminal type:

cli_wallet -a cacert.pem -s wss://steemit.com/wspa enter


new >>> type set_password [email protected] enter

locked >>> type unlock [email protected] enter


  • With wallet unlocked, now you can import your active, posting and memo private key with import_key 5xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Press ctrl + c to exit.

DONE, that's it.... you now have working cli_wallet to make a post, vote or transfer your STEEM/SBD to friends or exchange :)

Feel free to comment if you have any questions ;)


Hi @steem-id

Both the webscoket secure server url are giving me following error and I am not even ablle to ping them

0 exception: unspecified
Invalid HTTP status.
{"message":"Invalid HTTP status."}
asio websocket.cpp:513 fc::http::detail::websocket_tls_client
:<lambda_60ddf648bd81adf6110630d0888bc17f>::operator ()

th_a  websocket.cpp:699 fc::http::websocket_client::secure_con

th_a  websocket.cpp:673 fc::http::websocket_client::connect

Can you please provide me any other wss urls .... so that i can access the same ?

Hi @utfull

This guide was obsolete, there is now cli_wallet for windows anymore since HF12 (or HF14, can't remember). New Public websocket server also has ben changed, you can find new one here.

You may use Vessel by @jesta or eSteem Desktop by @good-karma to managing your steemit wallet under Windows.

okay .. thanks for updating me on that ... Installed ubuntu just now will try to work out with cli_wallet with that ... Actually I wanted to work with steemit at the blockchain level ..... :)
thanks a lot for being such a help ....


You made that look so easy

Thank you...

If we send transactions over this, are we not also sending our private keys in some cases? What about the wallet password? Is that all kept locally?

No, only pubkey transmitted with any transaction, privkey and password stay in you local wallet.

Thanks for the tutorial! I have an error when I try to list_accounts:
10 assert_exception: Assert Exception
a0 != e: too few arguments passed to method
th_a api_connection.hpp:165 fc::generic_api::call_generic

Any ideas?