Happy birthday steemit

in steem •  29 days ago


Today we have extinguished the candles of the past and these are the candles of future burning, waiting for your mettle to extinguish it by your hard working users

Here on the steemit platform we have many friends who have pure hearts, never polluted by time, do not know hate, and are distinguished by their wonderful creations and themes, and the least we can offer them on steemit birthday, to send them a sincere message from the heart to congratulate them Their birth

The size of the sky and more, the size of the universe and more, the size of everything and nothing, all these sizes do not describe my love to you, and my sincere wishes for a new year to achieve your wishes, and accomplish all the work, and pass the hills of dreams that you draw since your youth, Love I invite you a year filled with peace of mind and happiness forever, and every year happy.

I am pleased to inform you that for anyone who wants to present a simple gift for the benefit of Steemit, just interact with the tweet of Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase



Best regards,
M'ssieu Abdo

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