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RE: Hive Logo Contributions - Vote for your favourite Logo!

in #steem2 years ago

I would prefer a warm, honey-like color set in yellow/orange tones. Would fit to the brand :)
Because the picture that all Hivers(?) are like bees, collecting and contributing to a thriving crypto-hive - is huge!! Great possibilities for marketing.


I had the idea too, but this would be counterproductive for the tech look. The perception would shift too much in the wrong direction. We are a hive but we aren't beekeepers or so. ;)

But the colors can be changed anytime. Its more about the shape now.

The font type I would strongly suggest to change, it is not easily readable. Looks like "HNE". If smaller (like in a coingecko-listing) then it would be even worse.

Thank you! I was looking into that.

hive small 4.png

That's the size of Coinmarketcap Images. To me, that's good readable. Please keep in mind that you see the Name of the Listing too. If you know its Hive, you wont read it as HNE anymore. ;)

I will leave that decision to the top witnesses if they even want the logo. Then they can post about it, let the community give more feedback and suggest changes or do another poll.

Edit: I also heard similar feedback from other Steemians. I Probably try a few other fonts / designs soon.