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RE: Excited about TRON&Steem/Steemit collaboration

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Hi @justinsunsteemit. It is great to see you here and glad to see that your values align with Steem. There are several win-wins here that we all should be working for, but, as i am sure you are aware, we have to be very careful about the way we put the vision for this to the community.
Hopefully you are aware that based on the information that you have released so far, the community is very worried about what the next steps are and there is a lot of talk about a fork away from Tron within the Steem community as many members presently see this as a hostile take over by Tron and not a mutually beneficial partnership.
In order to calm nerves and bring stability to this deal, it would be beneficial for the communities from both chains, the Tron team and the Steemit Inc. team members if you could focus on the following with @ned in tomorrow's live stream:

  1. Win-win for Tron and Steem communities - what does it look like to you?
  2. A guarantee that you are not planning on swapping out the Steem token for a TronSteem token - from what i am reading on Steem from earlier today, this would basically cause the community to immediately fork away from Tron
  3. A guarantee that a win-win will be created by having Tron integrated into so that a dual relationship can work where both a Tron based token and the original Steem token can coexist on the same platform
  4. A guarantee / commitment that the current ongoing work on SMTs and communities development on steem will be continued to completion
  5. A guarantee that tokens currently listed on exchanges as the current Steem token will remain as such, and that the new Tron-Steem token will be a separate entity on exchanges

From what i have picked up today, these are the main concerns from the community and closing these items out in the live stream tomorrow would benefit everyone. Additionally, positive answers to these items will almost certainly result in token price boosts to both Tron and Steem and a sustainable growth together in the future. Taking on board what the community is saying, un-clear resolution of these issues will likely result in a break down in the deal and a hit to reputations on all sides, as well as a hard fork.


The STEEM token is an established name since 4 years. To swap it to another token, whatever the name would be, is fatal in my opinion.

Tron now owns STEEMIT Inc., but NOT the STEEM-Blockchain! As we all know, it cannot be owned, sold, whatever.

Not true! Now you may finally understand why DPOS is not a decentralised protocol. Experience is everything, right?

It will be a little odd for the Tron foundation to give a guarantee that directly contradicts what they already said they would do. Here's hoping, I guess.

For the avoidance of doubt, first impressions and a general feeling of collboration, these questions should be addressed specifically.

@starkerz I know your work and trajectory here, within our blockchain, the points you have mentioned express each of our questions, as a user of Steemit and part of the users of the Blockchain of Steem I have great expectations and many nerves at the same time, to see what will be the result of all this, I just hope that Steem as a currency does not disappear and that the concept of "decentralization" does not disappear completely.



Else we're going to be forking off from STEEMTRON and doing our own thing.

Klye, if you set up a fork, and this merger gets sketchy, I'll switch in a heartbeat. I am not tied to the brand if the brand changes its attitude toward the users for the worse.

Justin, I've been here for over 3 years. I have built a reputation and a library of content as well as personal connections. You must realize how jumpy we can be if you try to change too much. The community has been working to to decentralize everything here, and if you want to rein everything in and take control, it will not be good for the platform or the community. Tread lightly.

We should probably see if we have enough stake to counter him if he decides to do a hostile takeover.

We'll literally just fork STEEM into MEET and let them destroy the thing melding it into TRON, while we continue on this current chain like nothing happened but a name change..

I've got a fork proposal I'm working on.. If shit goes bad on the AMA tomorrow morning I'll be releasing the MEET fork proposal.

MEET would be a good name!

"Fork into MEET (meat)"
damn @klye got bars out here


I think we need to get together those people who can re-create STEEM.

This needs a meeting place.

There are also two options: a fork or a clone.

I have worked for a long time on the third option: an improved clone.

I believe a fork is the answer. Think of it like a screenshot of the block-chain before they make it a TRON token..

We can make a room on my discord server to talk about this if we wish

I just wanna be able to enjoy your art in peace, I mean whoever wants to go or come or stay or whatever can do just that.

just my personal opinions here but i think justin invested in because he sees value in it as a webpage? i don't see how it's gonna retain its value once it switches over to a social media site that gives out tokens controlled by one man (no different than likes on fb or yt). but google and fb already have so much content and infrastructure so why would anyone use steemit?

my hopes were in steem being a platform where anyone can create smts (no matter what the interface/website is) and they compete against each other but at the same time have the censorship resistance so content might flourish?

first i'd have to listen to justin today on dlive, but how is he gonna guarantee anything when he's the biggest whale, the biggest super representative? when anything he says can be overturned by his own decisions in the future and nobody can stop him? is dlive running on "bittorent ecosystem" so that nobody can delete anything? even if someone uploads beheading videos? or is justin now xijinping of steem that decides everything?

I am a little curious to know what will happen to SMTs.. 🤔

Publishers can launch their token on steem, which will be on tron. It's not hard. all the infrastructure is ready to go. This will be a smooth transition according to me.

i'm a little curious here and i wanna be friendly. how would you write a blockchain so what you do on steem is automatically synced on tron? with 100% verification and reasonably enough decentralization? (unless you're talking about some servers, money, and other resources owned by justin.. which still cannot compete against big tech in terms of centralization, speed, availability, convenience, etc?) launching an SMT on steem and suddenly it "being" on tron doesn't sound like an atomic swap, so i don't understand what that transition is and how smooth it'll be.

We need answers to all of these questions for sure otherwise things could spin out of control pretty quickly.

what about SMT ? my main question

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