I think I Caused an Earthquake

in #steemlast month (edited)

You can thank me later ;) I think I caused an earthquake and started the break out above 25 cents ;) Love crypto, Love Steem. Happy Valentines xx

Steem Tron Steem Price.png


Well the cause is between you and Justin Sun apparently.

Hehe. Definitely me ;)))

Actually, it was I who finally included a link to my Steem blog in my Tinder bio.

ha! Yes. How could I have forgotten! All of those rich ladies who must have bought steem!

They're all fighting for attention by upvoting my new fitness content. When one buys STEEM, the others have to buy more. Madness!

Get in the queue!

Lol. Well my birthday is Saturday so I’ll consider it an early gift.

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Have a good one, hope the price will by much higher by then :)

Hm? Tron tag.
Buy the rumor?

Well, I am hoping it is not going to go up too much just yet, so that it wont be a sell the news event

Under $1 is cheap. For now.

Still remember mid to late 2017 where I was accumulating STEEM at any price below 1$ and below 12k sats.

As price now starts to rise again, it's nice to keep some perspective.

Yes. Still can’t really see the last month’s move if you zoom out the daily...


Can’t feel anything yet 😁

Hehe! I went numb after that move too