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RE: The History of Steem/Steemit Launch in the Words of @dan Larimer from the early Launch Days.

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I mined Bitcoin early - then Etherium early - now I am here discovering this incredible idea. My situation is different. I have all my mining cards, but don't have a solid internet connection (nothing is solid in South America)

I am reading Joseph's post and love having the whole story in one place.


That sucks. Luckily I have a great internet connection here. It's not gigabit - it's 200Mbps but it's pretty reliable.

I know! I keep losing my internet connection when voting (which is a tad time sensitive). I am brand new at this. But still, I had bought Steem well before finding out about Steemit. I am invested in many, many alt coins and Steem was one. As you can see, by my original vest and continued increase in my vesting, I am learning more about this and feeling better and better about investing here.
I am finding it easier to just buy in and convert to "Steem Power", rather than setting up a miner at this point.

I'm not expecting to make much using mining to be honest. I'm just fed up with ETH/ETC right now so I though I would help support the STEEM network. If I had the server setup know how I might instead run to be a witness but right now I don't have the time to do the work.
Yes powering up makes sense. I've been slowly buying STEEM and powering up. I've essentially tripled the amount of SP I have over the last few weeks.