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RE: 👉 New game is on! Video Poker on Steem Blockchain! 🔥 250 STEEM to win in launching contest inside! 🔥

in #steem4 years ago

Won some Steem with Video Poker and tried out slots too. Now I'm amongst the best of the day but it happened thanks to a lucky spin in a slot game, not poker.

Poker was cool too - hoping that in future you will add a multihand poker.

All in all - a pleasant experience and you can read about it in this post.

Have a brilliant week!


Welcome on board @spellmaker! 🎉
We're happy to hear you had a nice time with us and thank you for your post! 💪
We left a small gift of appreciation under it. 😉

Your contest reward also has been sent! 💸
Hope to see you soon!

Good luck & have fun! 😎

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