Steem meet-ups are the best - London Edition

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Arriving at Pancras International, London, I sat on a bench for a bit, to observe people and not jump into all the busy London street life immediately after 5,5 hours of traveling. After talking to an ehm, interesting lady, she'll be the subject of one of my next posts, I decided to take an Uber to the meet-up location that @redrica picked for us - a Canteen in a Whole Foods Market, or in other words: a free, no-strings attached seats and tables and food and drinks to the liking of everyone :-)

I was received with quite literally open (Hugs! This is why I attend Steem Meet-ups) arms of @adetorrent and @redrica and a few new Steemians I hadn't met before like the very lovely @zool237, new Steemian @dougalporteous, essential oil loving @inesafreedom, and Ukrainian Steemian @wizzdom. More and more people arrived, like @steevc, @veritanuda, @teodora, and later on the meeting @breadcentric, @ultravioletmag and @susanlo joined as well.

SteemFest attendees @ezzy and @rea were my dinner partners, which was amazing since I knew they were at SteemFest and I've seen them many times in photos of meetings with @exyle, but I had never had a chance to meet them yet. You guys are amazing! Another (first generation) SteemFest attendee I was finally able to meet and chat with is @nanzo-scoop - I really appreciate the enormous bear hug I got at the end :D

As always, these meet-ups are over before you know it, and there's never enough time to chat with everyone, or with everyone as long as you'd like - It's a meeting of minds and passion and heart <3

Being spoiled by @redrica

After the meet-up I jumped in a car with @redrica, who was so kind to invite me to her home for two nights to spend some quality time with her and her awesome kids and husband. We had brunch with @breadcentric's home made rye bread which was so so good, and I've been enjoying the view from her couch, somewhere along the Thames:


Of course, we're gossipping endlessly about all you Steemians now we have endless time to do so, don't you think we're talking about anything else :D

Tomorrow I'll hope to do some photo shooting with @adetorrent and have a decent cup of coffee with @teodora at the end of the day, after which I'll jump in the mega king size hotel bed of my favourite design hotel chain, before taking the 5,5 hour train ride back home :-)

Thanks to everyone who was at the meet-up yesterday, I had an incredible time and it will never stop to amaze me how easy and fun and mind-expanding it is to talk to Steemians... We're a special breed and I love all of you.

For pictures or video material I'll refer you to the following posts:

Edit: for future reference I'm plugging the other posts as well

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You mean this bear hug? ;)

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Yes! :D Proof!

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I got a hug picture too



You bloody bloggers... can't get a private moment with you guys around!! ;0)



'Very lovely' - why thank you! ;) Missed saying bye to you when I chose to sneak off. * Cough * Was getting a little tired and probably suffering a little from nicotine / alcohol withdrawal symptoms so felt 3 hours + was enough. Had a great time though as I hope everyone else did.

Enjoy the rest of your stay in London! :)


Hahaha - yes, you were very lovely @zool237! We missed out on our 'goodbye' but we'll have another chance to meet again, I'm sure of it :-) Hope you have great memories as do I, and see you 'soon'! :D

So great that you travelled all the way for this, hugs from strangers, or are they ? Hope you have a wonderful time here in the UK ? Great to meet you !


Haha - about 50% of the people I had met in Krakow @dougalporteous! So no more 'strangers' - and as always hugging Steemians feels like hugging friends anyway :-) I'm so glad you found your way to the meetups as quick as you did! It will certainly help you grow on the platform just a bit quicker than average :-)

SO, jealous of this! And so mad I had to leave UK Before this...oh well. Things happen for a reason, I always say, so my steemit meetup will come.

It looks like a wonderful group and what a nice house on the waterway, lucky you!


I'm sooo sure we'll be able to make it happen someday! No worries :D

Makes me excited for my Minneapolis meetup at the end of March. I get to see @timcliff again!


Ahhh - enjoy!

Ahh that view along the river looks dreamy. So glad you are having a wonderful time.


<3 Yes, that view is priceless, and for me it was amazing to see how she lives as well!

Oh. I remember the last time I travelled almost 8 hours. Oh. The journey can not be forgotten. How was the journey?

It's great that you could come over. Maybe some of us need to come over your way some time. Just need the Steem price to go up some more to pay for the trip.


Yes, the price of coming was a bit high now, but once STEEM hits 5$ I'll not be hesitating to come again - it's sooo worth it, really connecting with people who you see and interact with online so much. Thanks for the time spent @steevc, hope to see you again 'soonish'! :-)

Likewise, was fantastic to meet you. Got a feeling you're gonna be a big player in Steem in the future. And I wish you all the best with that. On ward and upward! :)


Thanks for the super nice words @ezzy! It was super nice meeting you and share a burrito - next time we'll get that burger ;-) As I said to Rea, ping me if you're in Rotterdam next time! :D Cheers!

Great to see the power of community and its potential for our ecosystem!

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Hey @soyrosa, so glad you could join us last night! Look forward seeing you soon!


Likewise @rea! So good to finally meet and chat! Ping me if you're in Rotterdam next time as well :D

I'm glad you liked the bread :)


It was awesome :D

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It’s a pleasure meeting you!! :)) Hope you enjoy your stay in London!!

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It was really nice meeting you @susanlo! You seemed to have fun - I hope we get to chat a bit more another time :-)

Sounds like you had a blast, good to see these things picking up in attendees.

Fantastic effort coming from abroad!


Yes! I had a blast indeed and am sooo glad I did come from the other side of the sea! :-) I hope next time I'll join you'll be there as well :D


I'm going to try and engineer it next time so I'm down for the event. I was around in London the previous wknd, but 4 days hanging around in the SE was something I just couldn't afford this month!

👏good post 😀😀thanks Rosanne for mention, see you in next meet-ups


Yes, I hope I'll be able to join more! Not every month though, it's a bit too expensive from the Netherlands :D Cheers @wizzdom, it was super nice to meet you!

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Next time I Will join you !


Yes! :D Let's try Aachen! Haha!