BidBots, UpVotes Bots Problem Soultion?

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There is already Operation Clean Trending and I am sure there is much more of it. I did just come with my personal idea to solve the problem of using bots. Bots would be limited to only new users. They could for example if they obviesly they like to, use them only for a sublime time, say for the first week.
Why do I think that this would solve many bots problems? Consequently, every new user is afraid to be unnoticed. This would be giving him the chance to stand out, would have his time to show up.
And also whales could even advertise these bots on YouTube channels as they already doing that to encourage new users to join the steemit, dtube. And the second thing, steemit has to put filters on these bots that constantly comment our posts. My idea is just for giving a chance to everyone and also bring more users to our community. Instead, spamming users comment sections might be a good idea to give them separate block for own advertisement since they're all in unwanted comments.

That's only my two ideas that. I hope you would like might help. And I am aware of that some people will find a way around it but still this might at least make it a bit harder for some of them.

We all want this to be a better place so please, share your own thoughts and ideas.

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