So I Am Guessing The Month Of July Is The Big "Sell By" Date For STEEM(?).steemCreated with Sketch.

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Since it's release a year and four months ago

(Arpil 18th, 2016 @ $0.642902 USD) STEEM has had two huge market value spikes, both which occurred in the month of July.

IMAGE SOURCE: coinmarketcap

Is this just a coincidence, am I reading too much into it?
I'll admit, I am new and relatively clueless to the whole market game thing. I would really like to know if pumping a whole bunch of money into this, JUST BASED on these statistics, for the sole purpose of dumping it all around July'ish 2018 would be a wise investment (probably going to see another long stretch of levelled stability as seen between Nov 2016 & May 2017, so plenty of time to stock up for the spoils).

Yes - never EVER invest anything that you are not willing to lose into anything.


Just a little something to think about... what do you think?

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I think I am sorry I didnt buy any yesterday when it was so low :/ That I didn't force myself into looking into it and crypto wallets. I have no idea how to do it etc. So it was just an excuse not to buy. :) Then is the other side of me who is just: whatever lol.