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HF20 Update: Restoring Continuity

in steem •  9 months ago 

especially since people who cannot transact because not enough SP are instructed to ... "buy steem power" ! Now if they take it seriously and do buy steem on an exchange, how are they going to transfer it to their steem account in order to power up ?

not to mention the other stupid thing: you need RC in order to power up! you might not have enough SP for ... being allowed to increase your SP ! How stupid is that ? It deserves a prize.

Here's my prize for Steemit Inc:

It's a seppuku knife in case you wonder

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Replying first to your comment below:

I will delegate to integral businesses, such as Exchanges, to cover their RC needs in the short term, just as I've done with Bandwidth.

But then: Suggesting someone commit seppuku is awfully terrible on a human level, btw. Muted.