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RE: It's time to start paying attention to Steem

in #steem6 years ago knows marketing. Whether it's real activity or fake, some people will fall in the trap - it proves that the production network of EOS is capable of running those 10 Mil tx/day. I believe we should prepare well and do something similar on steem too, because it wil prove without possible doubt that it can handle that amount.

Yes it will have a cost in terms of the size of the block log as @gtg was saying but you can't advertise for free. Being up there in with a 8 640 000 tx/day (that's 100 tps) for a production blockchain with about 200 000 active users has a huge value for investors, and this is what we are talking about here.

Is the marketing potential of being up there in blocktivity with 9 Mil or 10 Mil tx/day worth the increase in the block_log size ?

I am both an investor - I know what investors look at.
And I am also a witness, @lux-witness, so I can gauge the two sides of the equation

My opinion is that the marketing value of reaching 100 tps on the steem mainnet is amply worth the cost of having to deal with a larger block_log

@timcliff, what do you think? What do other top witnesses think?


I agree. If a fairly simple technical change can put Steem in the 10 Mil transactions per day league it’s worth doing. You’re right that it will get investors attention.

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I am against it. My view is that in time, the blockchain with the most 'real' activity is going to be the one to win out over the others. We don't need to generate fake transactions just to get better numbers.

Thanks for replying. Unfortunately in real life the best product does not always win. Betamax vs VHS is the typical example that is given in this cases, but it's not the only one.

True,the Bitcoin is not the best coin from the technology but still remains market cap leader because it was the first coin...

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