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RE: Hive - I'm dissapointed

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Interesting to also find steemhunt, dobartim and justyy among the accounts not receiving Hive.

Then again, as drakos says, Hive is a community starting afresh and distributing free Hive tokens. They are certainly right to choose to whom, correct ?

It's not the same to:

  • take someone's STEEM tokens and
  • not give free HIVE tokens to someone

You seem to equate the two ...


There is also a process through which anyone left out can appeal the decision on Hive and still receive the airdrop.

Though the vast majority of accounts on the list made it very clear, on chain, that they had no interest to participate in Hive long before the fork.

Still, while people doing the work to build and create a new token are indeed free to decide, I don't think it was a good move to leave out so many accounts.

Can you post a link to where an appeal can be made. In my case, a Bittrex glitch locked up my STEEM as "pending" 3 hours before the airdrop - it was a 2FA authorized withdrawal that never left the Bittrex wallet and is still, as of this writing, listed as "pending". I contacted Bittrex Support almost immediately, both via open request and their chat, and, at first I thought they were quite responsive, but then the airdrop deadline went past, and a few hours later the requests were closed as "solved", without having solved anything!

The long and the short of this is that I will continue to work with Bittrex on this issue, but if they don't credit the 1:1 HIVE to my account, I think this is something that should be brought up and appealed.

Thanks for any help you can give.

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