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RE: Announcing: Smart Media Tokens (SMTs)

in #steem7 years ago

Excellent job for sure! But need to work more on the basics first.
New website design
Android app
IOS app, before trying to offer smart contract.
Also I don't think steemit blockchain will be able to handle the load! They have to scale the transaction per/second.


Does it mean that more people need to keep up the blockchain by infesting in mining hardware in order to handle this potential new load?

I completely agree with you that Steemit needs new webdesign, perhaps make more use of the STEEM metadata and the apps, how do these not even exist yet.. The time is due!

They have to find a way to scale up the chain to be capable of doing more than 1 million transactions per second before thinking about smart contract.

In my opinion it's look like they just trying to make some money, because the price will go up so high.

If that the case then what a shame.

That would be very short term oriented. I feel like Steemit or at least the idea of a crypo based social internet is very much so a long term thing.

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