Cryptocurrency Awareness Campaign: Steem Statistics [Speed, Volume and Scalability]

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Steem just touched $7.00 USD!

It's an exciting time for the Steem blockchain. Prices are pushing higher as experts are seeing more and more reason to dig into the best blockchain in town. In this post series, we're looking at just a handful of reasons why Steem is a superior coin, not just in terms of it's amazing network and community, but because of the disruptive technological perks behind it.

In this post we've illustrated a handful of sharable fast facts that illustrate Steem’s incredible speed, volume and utility. All statistics are via @blocktivity, and their blockchain data website -

200x Faster than Bitcoin

Steem is fast. With Bitcoin, you can wait minutes, hours or even days in extreme cases for transactions to resolve. Even at this very moment, BTC has almost 100,000 unconfirmed transactions queued up. Steem is blazing fast in comparison and has yet to hit anywhere close to 1% capacity.


1 million daily transactions

The Steem blockchain is confirming more than 1.3 million transactions every 24 hours at the #1 slot. As reference, Ethereum is 2nd at 1.1 million and Bitcoin 3rd at 300,000. All of these awesome blockchain statistics are via @blocktivity, and their data website -


3-Second transfers

Did we mention that it’s blazing fast? We did and we’ll say it again - Steem is lightning compared to most mainstream cryptocurrencies. Not only that, but no matter the amount of Steem being moved from A to B, the time it takes is the same. 3 seconds flat.


Zero Fees

No fees, no extra costs. Proof of Work currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin charge every time you want to transfer, purchase, or withdraw any amount. Not with Steem, where every action has absolutely no added costs.


It's Scalable Too!

Here's a fun chart we made that helps illustrate comparable value. One of the most compelling statistics of Steem is its ability to scale. Right now, the Steem blockchain is only utilizing ~0.1% of it’s capacity. Compare that to Bitcoin (overloaded at 100%) and Ethereum (nearly 50% on a good day). In this category, Steem rocks the competition.


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SMTs haven't even come out yet

Exactly right. We've got a lot in store for Steem this year!

Guys do you think steemit could grow to the size of Facebook ? What worries me is that the accounts number isn't growing so fast ...

No you would have to have teachers require students to make steemit accounts to pass their class first. This is the only reason facebook has so many registered users, I would wager that on Steemit we have a much higher percentage of total users active at any time than on FB which is better than amount of total population in my opinion. I would rather see an engaging small community on this site than a large insular one.

Exactly my point. It will soar to the sky once SMTs are complete.

That's how amazing it is. This is the beginning

Thank you for your post! I must admit I do not quite understand what you mean by scalability? That it has only reached 0.1%? Could you please clarify, thank you!

That is just the amount of transactions steem is able to do without being under load so out of 100% currently steem is only under a 0.1% load meaning it has so much more room to grow

nice, great to know, thanks for explaining.

If it hits 100 %, then the network is overloaded, and the transfers will need to wait for another block. It is what's been happening with bitcoin, and why it is so expensive/takes a long time to get a transaction to happen. So we still have a long way before we get there!

These are exactly the statistics that support me in my view that steem is something much bigger than most of us can imagine...

Glad to be of help! We're excited too.

It is always so impressive to see these statistics. Thank you for sharing this with us and for the awesome website.

Our pleasure! Thanks for the support @chryptomark!

Great work, people is just realizing how amazing this project is, it is just the begining

Yeah, just imagine how many people there will be in here a few years from now, @jorgedr0id.

It is a good start of the year for Steemians and the community.

Glad we all could make it!

That it is!

great post, i just used the "market" option to sell SBD to buy more steem power yesterday and it was lightning fast with no fees. Very pleased

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Thank you @sndbox, excellent overview of Steem's fast facts. Facts that will be quoted often by my team's efforts in porting a large user-specific community onto Steemit later this year.

Looking forward to the move!

that's right, we are working hard to make it happen. been over a year in the making. follow @armentor and @liotap for updates

The graphics are sick! 🔥

Really well done, without a doubt time went into these!

Steem is THE new currency look 200 times faster than the leading currency
Steem is going to earn publicity over the Time and getting more and more convenient to use

We're rooting for Steem as well!

Great stats and what a start for STEEM in 2018! It's only a matter of time before more and more people start noticing and joining in. For more updates on charting, follow me!

Looks interesting!

dirk & steem always clutch

Damn, awesome summary points and highlights about what is making STEEM so damn hot !!

Fantastic, talk about a happy new year, wow !! ReSTEEMed (-:

This really should be everywhere.

I'm mining with:
-Hashflare (cloud mining bitcoin) (i prefer it )
-Genesis Mining (3% promo with this link)
and trading on Binance for altcoin ! :p
made a lot this year :3

I’ve been on the Steem platform since July and I could never understand why the platform didn’t get more attention. It’s amazing! Thanks for this encouraging post!

Its very active as a platform. Media outlets might not write about it but the attention of the crypto economy will soon come around to steemit.

@sndbox Hello friend, it's a pleasure to say hello, I have a question that gives value to a cryptocurrency, apart from the trust that people put in them, because for example, no cryptocurrency in the world is backed by money or gold! I hope to read you greetings, take your vote, happy new year 2018

And most importantly steem is a real project, that's why there will be a steem in there future.
More and more powerful today.

Yes, STEEM and Steemit works very well. I think it's not so well known and many take it for granted that there are tons of users transfering value each day without lags and make Steemit the beacon for a social platform on the blockchain.

But on the other hand i see other use cases for Bitcoin and both have their value but STEEM provided the performance from the start without a lightning network. Thank you for the summary!

The smart media token is going to transform the way we do things.... the only friction being onboarding... however FB did quite well without making itself available to everyone immediately... so maybe the friction to onboard is useful.

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Great work as always guys. I’ve just shared your blog on my @forexbrokr Twitter and will continue to use some of your graphics to promote.

Here’s to a happy and profitable 2018 for us all here involved with STEEM! 😎😃

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Why? You’re spamming everyone.

Nice article, you are right, steem is a coin with great future, it has a wonderful community.

Another good opportunity that you guys might wanna check out is salt.Just did a write up on it and why i think its good.Cheers!

Good information, i like that @sndbox

Holy shit you're good at this. Resteemed

Steem is amazing, simply because of the way it can be awarded. Steem is amazing even beyond that - it has a fantastic future in store. @ironshield

Great overview of the Steem Platform. Keep it coming.

Wow! Lots of good and exciting features in comparison with other cryptocurrency! Hope this will go on for long long time.

really interesting article. Thanks for sharing!

It's looking good for STEEM, and the platform seems to be booming as well.

This is a useful summary. I'll be quoting these stats in upcoming conversations. Thanks @sndbox

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I wouldn't recommend asking for votes like this without contributing anything to the discussion. You will probably get flagged.

Can it be translated in Indonesian?


Seems like this will be a great year for steem, am sure we are just getting started. Fingers crossed :)

Happy New Year it is for all here in Steemit! Steem will take us to the moon 😁

How do I join your community @sndbox?

Thank you for useful information and coverage

Thank you for supporting this message!

steady as she blows

I like't your post. Education of economic.
Resteem your post.

Crazy change, I do not understand why it is so high price. :)

very nice Nice post dear and it is rewarded so enjoy the reward
i followed you so pls vote back on

I really like this post and think that I may use this tosend out mass emails! Lol Your design with the proper proportions stand out to anybody , especially those who may know nothing about blockchain or steemit which makes this Super Share Worthy


Pretty exciting news!!!

I agree... Looking forward to more.

@lovecoins @koh @ballinconscious

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I just followed you cause your posts seems to be informative post you can find similar crypto news on my steemit that might be productive for you too...

Definitely going to follow!

hopefully for the future steem will be the most widely used crypto currency in the world, because steem has many advantages

I want to join and become a member of @sndbox whether by sending 60 SBD I have registered as a member, or there is other requirement that I have to do
many thanks for you explanation

After the cryptokitties exposed limitations of scalability on Ethereum, looks like more application developers might look at Steem as amore feasible option. Waiting to see greater launches on Steem's platform.

Wow great .!

Great way to start the year!!! Cheers to Steem & 2018🎉🎉🎉🎉

berita yang bagus..
tpi tolong bagi kami-kami yang baru di bimbing lagi.
menurut pengamatan saya, pos yang di update oleh pengguna baru banyak yang tidak di peduli atau di supot.

Digging these stats! Steemit truly is the place to be. Right place, right time. I'm excited for the future. Thanks for sharing these beautifully designed stats @sndbox!

This is great promotional material right here! Thanks for making this for the community.

I gave the post a tweet, despite having very few followers:


Great post men, I am so glad to see I am in the good path with steem, thanks!

Ya can't go wrong with eco friendly steem!

Really great to see Steem finally begin to flourish.

Flourish for one and flourish for all!

Yeah, I keep trying to push these facts in a few places I haunt. Gaming forum Resetera has a huge crypto thread there where I fly the Steem flag.

Thank you it's all good to know! All these experiments really give hope for a world based on collaboration with abundance at its core value.
Also, what do you think about the hashgraph protocole? Could that be a better model than the blockchain on the long run?
Really excited to become part of the Steem community.
Btw, this is my first ever post!

Thank you so much for this great information. I love steemit:)

Great graphics. Let's spread the word!

Thanks for sharing!!

Yyyeeeeeeheeey :-) I just so happy with steem success! We started steemit last June and now its growing really fast. Steem price is increasing rapidly along with our other cryptos ! What a year!

You r a 100% Fraud You own almost 100,000 in crypto you get that by trying to scare people?? FUDing lame!!! Your all about money dude not a shred of integrity. This is a great way to scare any new comer, but all you care about are your views and that check from Dtube trash, and your check from YouTube I bet if you were flat broke with NOTHING and sell yourself, Cunt! Let’s see if you keep this comment up. Un Subbed!!! Ozzy the BS filter is so ahead of you with your 200K subs he’s only got 2000but his integrity is So real it’s insane you are a sell out FUD monger trying to destroy this!!!

What is the price prediction for 2018? Any analysts out there who can help?

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Thanks for getting this onto another SM platform!

Great article. Is the reason why Steem is faster due to most Steem transactions being in the Steemit Network? Do you think Steem will eventually bring back mining to process transactions outside the network. I can tell its going to be a great 2018 for Steem and the creative communities in Steemit!

Great article! Upvoted and resteemed

I was unaware of the ZERO FEES. That's amazing! Thanks for the intel. I am going to share this valuable info :)

To be honest, most of this is over my head, but man did this post make me want to go purchase more steem! :) I just got into buying cryptocurrencies and about a month later I heard about Steem from a blog post I found on Google, so I'm still learning... and thanks to post like these, it makes it a little easier to learn!

Gradually escalating as the days go buy. Looking forward to a brighter day with steem

Thank you for this post : )

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 10.46.07 PM.png

Does anybody knows a debit card that works with steem and SBD?

Dang based on
Steem and Bitshare have the potential of taking a bit more share from both btc and eth. Things looks good for the future of Steem. :)

Who said this is the era of bitcoin? This will be the era of steem. I believe, given time and opportunities, will trample its competitors. With crypto-currency being an emotionally-driven market, convenience is still vital, and steem has it.

very informational details i like it very much

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