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Does burning this steem actually do something or is it just a drop in the ocean?


It is entirely up to voters how much is burned.

This is a topic that little by little I understand, to tell the truth, I find it a bit controversial. It's probably because I do not know many things about the Steemit ecosystem. In short, I will be on the lookout for this type of event and hopefully it will be for the benefit of everyone in the community. We all need this to walk well. We are all going to benefit.

Proof of burn

Author reward 253.582 SBD, and 58.363 STEEM POWER for smooth/steem-experiment-burn-post-4

Sold 253.582 SBD for 277.237 STEEM on internal market

Total burn of 58.363+277.237 = 335.600 STEEM

Burn it my way :)

I really don't see any benefit in doing this.

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I barely get any rewards, my blogs are useless to the Steemit Community. I am only a seed found in a basket of grapes.


samehere buddy :D someday somebody knows our worth :p


Its not that bad, I just followed you. Though, I still cant understand how this system works, hope my followship can bring at least smile))


If you think like that you will get nowhere with that additude


Maybe after some time we can get somewhere lol

I've made 50 times less in my one month of Steemit than this post has been upvoted 😭😭

The reward for this post will be burnt, for the benefits of all. Should we upvote and resteem this?

Whaaat? And why does this have so many points?


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It does help yes

Hey @smooth, just wanted to let you know that I nominated you take part in the 7 day Black and White Challenge in my last post.

You got a 4.01% upvote from @chasad75 :) If you want more for your new posts follows me and do upvotes for my latest posts. :)

well, I was quite happy when sbd was 15$)

IM just here to see if I will atleast make .01 from this post, what you think?

Hi @smooth, i understand why you have created this idea, and i agree there are a lot of excessive payouts on the platform recently - there also appears to have been a massive spike in people using upvoting bots and this may also be aiding to the problem.

However, from a genuinely questionable point of view, should your project grow big enough have you thought how this will have a knock on effect through the whole of the community?

I mean, this will surely have a huge impact on the minnows trying to get started on the platform in good faith rather than directly affecting those that are abusing their power. Even though there will be less in the pool the whales self upvoting will still be making a huge amount - which overtime will still lead to a huge inequality on the platform.

What is going on at the moment is pretty sad, of course those raking it in wont be feeling it and when theyve made their money they can just pack their bags and leave. Its just unfortunate there is no obvious solution