Small update to burnpost

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As mentioned in the previous update, I have made a small update to burnpost of providing a second daily opportunity to support the initiative now that daily rewards have been consistently in excess of $500.

Based on user feedback directed at not flooding Trending with experimental posts, instead of moving from one post every 24 hours to one post every 12 hours, I have added a comment to each post. By voting for the comment voters can increase their support of the burning initiative. Any rewards from the comment payout will be added to the main post payout and used in accordance with the previous rules post(s).

If you are using an autovoter, in most cases it won't autovote for the comment I believe, so you will have to vote manually (or reconfigure/change your autovoter) if you wish to provide additional support.

As always, any and all votes are appreciated so if you choose not to support the additional comment vote, your vote on only the main post is still welcome.

All rewards from this post will be sent to @burnpost as a donation which will then be traded from SBD to STEEM, powered up, and/or burned in accordance with the usual @burnpost rules. That includes SP which will be immediately sent in the form of STEEM from my own account


Hey, @smooth - I tried reaching you on When you get a chance, I'd like to chat with you about this and a similar concept.

Thank you for trying to keep it off trending!

It would be cool to maybe include the link to the post that explain the rationale behind this @burnpost thing? Because frankly it's not clear ...

Just look in my blog. The last three posts are about it.

Ok I understand what you are doing. But why exactly? Isn't the platform handling it by itself?

No, it doesn't. There are a number of underdeveloped parts of the system and these are some of them.

this is great experimental,looks so cool and awesome, looking forward for updates too.

The construction of a project in this way indicates that steemite will come to good places in the future. I am in too. I will take part in this formation.


Hi @smooth, really appreciate your effort in burning Steem and helping to regulate the inflation that it currently has, we are also trying to burn Steem through the @lrd Burning Bid-Bot, we are not only offering to delegators 100% of earnings + some curation rewards, we are also burning a share of the curation rewards the bot generates, would love to know if you have any suggestion that can improve the @lrd bot since you are a Steem Veteran and most likely know better than us.

If I get a chance I will take a closer look. As long as many bid bots just keep the curation rewards its a good idea to propose burning them as a differentiation.

After seeing what you were doing with the @burnpost I made a few changes to the Burning Bid-Bot ;D.
The Burning Bid-Bot will now support the @burnpost project by giving to it 50% of the funds assigned to the Burning Project, more info here

Thanks for the support!

We are glad we can help ;D

Thanks, any suggestions are accepted.

you are very rich guy i want steem power from you @smooth how to contact regards

Awesome thinking bro @smooth.

I really appreciate the changes you make this, may be useful for all

Hi, smooth.
I’m a steem witness and developer.

Can I receive your vote for witness?

As a witness, I will do my best to maintain the steem chain.
And, I steadily develop steem service for steem activation. currently my project is and
and I am preparing Steem Wallet service and client service.

I am aiming to make steem a lot of use in real life.
Thank you ^^

Hi! thanks you for the information please check my blog <3

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Interesting idea. I look forward to seeing the economic impact that burnpost will have. Hey, so in spirit of supporting communities within the community of Steemians to which steem rewards go to endeavors and creators that actually bring value and to a balanced Steem economy... would you check out this community that I am leading? :D It's a good idea (I think)... I haven't tried appealing to whales 'til recently as I have been trying to get organic growth, but no luck yet. Been around Steemit for a year. Here's a link to The EN community's recent blog on Steemit: Would really appreciate any help. I like what you're doing! Keep it up! Cheers.

the concept of burn post will help steemit alot great work dear

Your posts are always very helpful for us, thanks

Where is burnpost today ?

I tried reaching you on steemchat but no reply yet...
Please there is this interview program which I usually do every Wednesday of every week. It a program which I ask questions from the person am interviewing and the person provides detailed answers. Have already interviewed Reggaemuffin Felix adsactly lukedtokes exile, which was awesome and steemians loved it. Which is why have come to you this day to seek your permission whether you are in?
If you are interested please let me know.

Your initiative is very good for the survival of the platform