2019 Steemfest ticket contest - winners announced

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Thank you to all of the entries. It was once again a great opportunity to read about how much Steem meant to so many people and how much many of you have given back to Steem.

This year we decided to recognize two developers of software and services on the Steem blockchain:

  • @anthonyadavisii for his work on @steemflagrewards. With the arrival of HF21 and #newsteem, beneficial downvoting has become a more important part of Steem. @anthonyadavisii's @steemflagrewards has supported this process and become a key resource for the community
  • @jarvie for his work on steempeak which is one of the most used "alternate" UIs on the Steem blockchain and helped to raise the standard for Steem user experience. @jarvie has expressed some uncertainty about making it to Steemfest due to the cost and challenge of the required travel. I hope he can make it, but, if not, the ticket can be regifted.

To claim your ticket, please perform the following steps:

  1. Reply to your original entry comment stating your steem.chat username
  2. DM me on steem.chat from the same user name requesting your ticket claim instructions.

Congratulations to the winners and once again to all who entered, thank you for your many contributions to Steem.

Thank you to @acidyo for providing assistance in evaluating the entries

Author reward will be burned (100% beneficiary = null)


Why your downvote at steemworld.

@anthonyadavisii was flagging before flagging was cool
Congrats to the winners!

Great choices! Congrats guys and thanks for supporting SteemFest the way you do, Smooth!

@anthonyadavisii at SF4! Congrats man.., we are going to meet soon!

Congrats @anthonyadavisii and @jarvie !
Have fun at SteemFest! ;)

Congrats anthonyadavisii and jarvie

thanks smooth

Definitely two of my favourite peeps on the platform.

Congrats to the winners :)

Congratulations @theguruasia, you are successfuly trended the post that shared by @smooth!
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Congrats to both and to @jarvie, make sure to take some pictures for those who are unable to attend this year. Would have been nice to chat again though.

Congrats to both winners
Hope they really enjoy.

congrats are in order, big up to the great job you are doing

Congrats to all the winners 😉

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Question: Will only your author reward or also the curation reward of this post be burned?

I don't typically burn curation rewards (though on occasion I have) because: 1. It is too much trouble to keep track of. 2. I could vote on something else and earn curation rewards. I'll update the text though, to clarify.

Thanks for the clarification.

So you send ur earned curation rewards to @null manually from time to time?
Why are you burning parts of ur rewards? Couldnt they be more useful if invested wisely instead of just reducing debt?

And my inital question was more about if burning rewards (via setting 100% beneficaries to @null) affects curation rewards at all..

  1. Setting beneficiaries does not affect curation in any way. (Declining rewards does also disable curation rewards.)
  2. I usually decline or burn my own author rewards because I feel I'm already well enough compensated for being here as a stakeholder and witness. I don't need any more.
  3. I'm strongly in favor of burning at this time because I see relatively little rewards being directed toward strongly beneficial contributions to Steem (though when I do see those, and when I see good community engagement, I upvote those too). I think Steem clearly benefits from reduced inflation and reduced current and future selling pressure at this time (which burning accompishes), but of course that is my subjective opinion.

Congratulations @theguruasia, 100% upvote has been shared with your successful call on the post that shared by @smooth!

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Goo to winner contest. Good jhob steem

Why you are flagging me ?

Downvoting (not "flagging") because of disagreement on rewards

FYI, I'm not downvoting "you" in any case. If I see a particular payout that I disagree with then I may downvote but it isn't targeted at any individual.

Hello @smooth, I just observed I got downvoted by you. Please I would like to know why to avoid such cases in the future. Sorry I had to message you here. Best regards🙂

Nothing systematic or targetted. I just happened to notice it and the reward level seemed high relative to the normal range these days. It wasn't a full power downvote nor intended to convey anything other than trimming the reward a bit.

The likelyhood you will receive another downvote from me is reasonably low since I don't follow you routinely, so I would have to stumble on your content again, and again see the reward on the high side.

Sorry if this caused any distress, my votes express my view on what is best for the Steem reward pool and should not be taken personally.

Thank you for responding. Ok, I understand your views on this but I think the content is worth it because it's of original content. I spent hours creating the art and the article. I've seen people earn so much on little efforts that's why I was surprised I got downvoted. Thank you.

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