I finally figured out who you remind me of!!!

Hey now! I will have you know that the Ladies of STEEM, positively drool over my rugged masculine visage.

Both @enchantedspirit and our very own songtress, @silentscreamer have both unashamedly swooned while gazing on my portrait of virility. :)

Sadly, it's true. I can tell when @enchantedspirit has been looking at slobberchops. She looks at me wistfully and says, "Oh well, you'll do."

Trust me, I'm a doctor.



I think Spopovitch would take umbrage in your implying that I'm implying your resemblance to him automatically meant you are someone over whom the ladies wouldn't drool.

And you better not change your portrait ever because otherwise my above comment won't make any sense and I'll rage downvote everything you ever say down to 0!!! :)

The girls are going to be so disappointed when they see the real me in November. I don't know whether I'll be able to take the mass rejection.

Yesterday I was looking for a suitable portrait to replace this one, but nothing comes close... sigh...

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