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RE: My Personal Thoughts - Steem/Tron Saga

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Tron team's position has been consistent. They never intended to destroy STEEM token. The statements you refer to have been misinterpreted by some of the community but were made in the context of Steemit and other dapps they rightfully own. You don't have to believe them, but it's not fair to misrepresent their stated position. Regardless of how you view their words, it is their prerogative to define their meaning and actions.


They have stated their position clearly through multiple texts, I am not misrepresenting anything. Also, as I stated.. these things later to be described as “miscommunication” were actually listed in the sale. Much of the sale price was contingent on that token swap and migration to Tron. Why do you think Ned is working so hard to help get it done? He doesn’t get paid unless it happens.

I respect your views, but I have made my own opinions based on the enormous pile of evidence that eludes to the fact that Tron planned a simple pump and dump, and had no intention of building on Steem.

Whether they knew what they actually bought, not sure. Perhaps there was quite a bit of miscommunication in the sale and they felt they were acquiring a whole block chain, all dApps and therefore migrating was not that radical in the slightest.

As I said, these are my opinions.. but I think I’ve been very careful not to jump to conclusions.

Sorry to sound like a broken record, Justin used many high priced lawyers , in a 12 million dollar purchase. How could they make anything contingent on a blockchain that he would only have 20% control, not a majority which require community support. Which is why nothing could happen without community support. Which shows the freezing to be unnecessary.

these things later to be described as “miscommunication” were actually listed in the sale. Much of the sale price was contingent on that token swap and migration to Tron.

Can you provide those documents itemizing the sale?

It could have been miscommunication, aggressive marketing, or many other things like an automatic atomic swap only when using specific apps like Steemit. Many witnesses and yourself have chosen to believe the worst-case scenario among many other possibilities, even when Tron has denied taking this position.

I already went over this in the video. Thanks.

So they(tronfaggots) innocently hacked the exchanges? Or colluded with them? Or with Ned, or with all? Or it was miscommunication? I like how you think this is her "opinion" and how you jumped at the bit to 'real' represent how they never wanted to destroy Steem...

The exchanges are independent and responsible for their own actions, but the governance issue should not be conflated with Sun's Steemit purchase or potential token swapping.

Yeah, I was agreeing with you, FagSun is innocent, what the exchanges did was not because they were manipulated, conned or otherwise deceived into doing by him, he had absolutely nothing to do with it. Those hostile witnesses on the other hand are probably behind that.

They never intended to destroy STEEM token.

Their definition of "destroy" is very different then ours.
Token Swap and threatening that STEEM will be made worthless if we dont migrate is without any doubt an intent to destroy the chain.

They dont think it would be destroyed since in their eyes it would exist on TRON but in the eyes of anyone else that action is malicious and destructive.

I doubt that lol.

"They never intended to destroy STEEM token."

Well, then they fucked up royally, because taking over governance of the Steem blokchain sure as fuck destroyed the Steem token.

"... it is their prerogative to define their meaning and actions."

In what world? In this world words have predefined meanings, and that's the only reason we can use them to communicate ideas to one another.


Words have multiple meanings and language is used creatively. I wouldn't dictate to anyone what they meant by their own words, especially if they are speaking a recently-learned language.

You don't get to define words yourself. They pre-exist you. If Sun said stuff wrong, he needs to clarify what he really meant to say. He has staff for that.

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