An Update From Wirex (Debit Card Interested In Listing Steem)

in steem •  3 months ago

So, they're interested in listing us. According to Gregory:

"Fundamentally, there seems to be a good fit between Wirex and Steem, so, we are definitely keen to explore the opportunities for cooperation."

I'm gonna keep in touch with him, and do as much as I possibly can. If anyone feels like they can contribute in any way to this, please let me know. Let's try to get as much visibility as possible!

@ned should really be doing this.

Visit Wirex here.

See my original message to them here.

Partnership Enquiry

Christopher Graney-Ward <>
Fri, Jan 18, 2:59 AM (1 day ago)

Hi, I’m a stakeholder and dapp developer in the steem blockchain, many of our users have been discussing ways to get our coin listed on crypto debit card services.


In case you haven’t heard of steem before, we’re one of the oldest dPos cryptos in existence, just coming up to our third birthday.

Our blockchain was based on the hugely successful graphene blockchain used by bitshares, after we further popularised it, Dan Larimer

went on to use it on EOS.


Steem is different to any other cryptocurrency because we have a community built directly into our blockchain, which can be used to

run all kinds of dapps from video streaming, sound sharing, blogging, private and public messaging. It is important to remember that we are not a promise, or hype, we have a fully functional blockchain that does everything seamlessly. We’ve been silently growing in the background for years.


We have sustained a highly active userbase for the last 2.5 years, checking <a href=””>Blocktivity</a> shows that we’re the 4th most used blockchain by transactions per second, making it roughly 30% more popular than Bitcoin and 100% more popular than Ethereum by that measure. This is largely due to our scalability, free transactions, and 3 second transaction times.


In terms of dApps, we are widely recognised as one of the most successful platforms:

Stateofthedapps is the 2rd result when you search google for “dapp”. Steem takes 9 spaces in the top 20 ranked dapps according to this site.


There are over half a million accounts which have been used at least once, and roughly 50,000 active accounts despite the bear market and very little in the way of hype such as that which tron and bitcoin cash have received. (Accounts) (Actives)


In addition to everything I’ve shared here, Steemit Inc have just recently released <a href=””>hivemind</a> which combines traditional databases with blockchain to allow for far smaller and cheaper nodes, allowing the whole system to be more decentralised. Next in the pipeline is Smart Media Tokens, which will allow our dApps to have their own tokens which each have their own economies, kind of like an ERC20 token to Ethereum.


Incorporating steem into wirex will be a stress free procedure as well, we have multiple APIs in various programming languages (however, mostly JS and python). We also have a large and dedicated development community who are rewarded financially by stakeholders for contributing.


Myself and tens of thousands of other users will embrace with open arms, any fiat to steem channels available to us. Personally, I have used wirex to buy hundreds of dollars of crypto, most of which was converted straight to steem.


Thank you for reading, I hope to hear from you soon!

Georgy Sokolov <>
Fri, Jan 18, 5:02 PM (19 hours ago)
to me

Hi Christopher,

Thank you for reaching out and for the detailed introduction.

Fundamentally, there seems to be a good fit between Wirex and Steem, so, we are definitely keen to explore the opportunities for cooperation. To get the conversation going, would you be able to answer the questions in our brief enquiry form?

Let me know when done, and let's schedule a call to talk through this next week. Which time zone are you in? (I am GMT+2)

Kind regards,

DISCLAIMER: The information and the attachments in this email may be confidential and legally privileged. Access to the contents of this message by anyone other than the intended recipient is unauthorised. If you are not the intended recipient, any disclosure, copying, or distribution of the message, or any action or omission taken by you in reliance on it, is prohibited and may be unlawful. If you have received this email message in error, please notify the sender immediately by email, facsimile, or telephone, and then delete/destroy the original message and all copies of it from your systems. Wirex cannot guarantee this email communication and associated attachments to be free of malicious code and assumes no liability for any loss or injury resulting from the contents of the message. The views expressed may not necessarily be those of Wirex, and unless otherwise noted in the text of the message, the message may not reflect official policy.

Christopher Graney-Ward <>
12:11 PM (47 minutes ago)
to Georgy

Hi Georgy, thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

I've filled out the form however have had to leave incorrect details in the business type/date of incorporation since I am an individual.
If this is a problem, please let me know as it isn't too expensive to register a company here.
In terms of the business that started steem, they don't do much in the way of marketing and visibility and are instead focused on development,
meaning a lot of the onboarding and PR (such as getting listed on dapp tracking services) has been done by the initiative of individual community members and groups alike.

I am GMT+0 (London time) so our timezones aren't too dissimilar. What times and days are you available to talk?


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Great job, @sisygoboom!

Just an idea: You could also link

I got the idea after listening to @therealwolf 's suggestion during the MSP Waves broadcast earlier.

Proud to be somehow the catalyst for this move, but what exactly did I suggest? :P


I believe you suggested trying to get in touch with crypto card companies to provide more fiat to steem links, I was only half listening though so it mightve been someone else haha either way, I believe you were were responsible for getting us listed on state of the dapps which is inspiration for this kind of outreach regardless.

Thanks for the feedback man!

That would be bloody magic!


It'd mean we'd be able to send steem to our cards and spend it in shops! Cut out all the exchanges. Vice versa, we'd be able to buy steem with fiat directly.

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I hadn't even thought about the buying steem directly part. Just gets better!


Думаю в этом году это произойдет.

Great job @sisygoboom for leading from the front. Thanks for inspiring us to get STEEM listed on as many places as we can.

2019 is going to be a great year for all of us! We are positive.


Thank you @oracle-d! Let's set Steem up for the best possible start come to the next bull run so we can have an awesome 2019.

great news

Wirex have an account at @communitymanager, but it's not very active now. I hope they can spare time to talk more to the people here. I have a Wirex card and being able to use Steem directly would be great


I didn't realise they already had a presence here on steem, thanks for pointing that out. I'm in the same boat, being able to spend steem in pretty much any shop would be a milestone for sure.


At least I can easily convert Steem to other coins that they currently support. I've done that several times.

This is great news, in future buy and sell steem will be much more easier.

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okay, that is awesome! I currently have Bitpay and Shift payments cards. I need to get the wirex as well. They also just added WAVES recently as well! These are the kind of things we need for mass adoption!


I highly recommend it, I've been using it for a while now and you're right, if waves can make it on there, there is absolutely no reason why we shouldn't as well.

Good to see more folks opening up to adding Steem. Now if Gabe Newell from Steam replied my email for Steem integration about 2 years ago.. lol


That would've been the perfect combo! (if the names didn't confuse people of course) Maybe times have changed, steem is a lot easier to integrate since I joined.

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Good job reaching out to Wirex! All we need is a few lucky breaks... Agreed that this should be @ned's job, but given at I don't know what he does with his day, I guess there is the benefit of the doubt (which I hope is not misplaced...).


I believe there is a need for us to be proactive and pull together as a comminty, at the end of the day, we are our own marketing team, steem Inc is just the blockchain provider. I'll be making sure to keep this a community effort as much as possible.

Sounds like very good news to me!

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It is indeed!

Yoo....This is awesome..I have a group that can be interested in creating visibility....

What can we do as a community now??


At the minute, I just want to show Wirex that there is a market here, that we have a strong community and that people are excited to use their service if they incorporate steem. You can help by sharing and getting others to comment showing their desire to be able to buy and spend steem on a card :)


Did they tweet or you just personally emailed them....If they tweeted then reply with the tweet link and we blow it up !!


It was an email to their partnerships team so unfortunately, we can't blow that up. What I was thinking is if this post gets a lot of engagement and people showing support, I'd send him a link to this post so he can see just how many people would be interested!


Let me share this then


Thanks bro!

How can we help?:) tipuvote! for 5 steem


Thank you :) for now, just staying tuned, commenting, voting and resteemingis is enough. Once ive talked things through with them, I'll likely advise them to break down any coding challenges and put out @utopian.tasks requests so our developers can help make the integration smoothly. After that, it'll just be a matter of proving they made the right choice by using their services.

They are already aware of our request: Good that more people are doing this.


Thanks for pointing this out, I didn't realise there were others!

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The more we spread the word about Steem, the better it will be for everyone. Thanks!

Posted using Partiko Android

If this initiative of yours turn out to be a success, we the community owe it to you.

Keep us posted of the developments.

Posted using Partiko iOS


Thank you, I think we're all really looking forward to seeing what direction this takes. I'll make sure to keep everyone in the loop.

Awesome news, congrats guys!!



Posted using Partiko Android

Wow what a grate news.!!!.


Let's hope it all goes to plan :)

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Amaging.. I think it will attract more people to steem blockchain and will be good for our steemit community.. Thanks for sharing.

Posted using Partiko Android


It'll be mutually beneficial for both our community and for Wirex!

This post has been included in the latest edition of SOS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

woow.. future of steem will be bright


Hit the nail on the head!

Thanks for doing this man... This would be massive if Steem gets listed on Wirex!!!

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