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Remember, as long as the Bands are Diverging, Price will rise. So for a Trader/Investor's peace of mind, as long as he or she realizes the bands are moving away from each other, as they are now, Price will rise (conversely, if this was a SELL formation, the same applies, Price would continue to fall). This is extremely important information because you'll know what to expect from the Commodity on a daily basis (Diverging) until it subsides.

At some point, when Bitcoin's Upper Band begins to wane, slows the rising pace or begins to actually fall, you'll realize the formation is coming to an end, and more than likely a down turn will be in play. If the Momentum is extremely strong, we possibly could see back to back Buy formations but that would be a rare occurrence. Since I'm new to Bitcoin, I would imagine anything is possible . I have no prior experience to fall back on, so I have no expectations.

Everyone enjoy the profit ride and we'll see how far out it extends. I'm monitoring Bitcoins Upper Band, so if and when I see a change, I will bring it to your attention. 

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