More STEEM posting!

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STEEM posting stats are down (still under 20,000 per day) and we need to do something about this!

Just remember, not every post needs to be an EPIC.

This Knight says - just get out there and do some QUICK BLOGGING - just like this!

Live free - with responsibility.


Ben Hur

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Yes, you write. I got friends who no longer strain their head in write long post. I got something cooking, in 2 weeks. I will start something entirely different. The fun part

People don't post much as a result of steem price and difficulty in getting Upvote. If a post is not epic nobody wants to Upvote and it's also possible not to even get Upvotes on epic posts. Things will get better soon I believe

Langford, people need to stop thinking about the 'rewards' and trying to 'earn a living on Steem' and start enjoying. This is the greatest opportunity on the planet simply for fun and personal development.


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That's true and the easiest way to enjoy it is by interaction. The mindset of many on the blockchain is to post for reward and I've had that for long but these days I'm just looking for ways to enjoy this great platform. The partiko app you have been endorsing is great I must confess and it's fun to use ☺.. Thanks @sirknight

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Life is much more fun on Partiko.

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With this, I think we'll just STEEM for the fun and joy and enjoyment of it. Meaning for us here at Steemchurch, may be we just post:
1 Biblical based write
2 A fun filled write such as this
3 A ulog, and probably
4 A STEEM promotional

just a suggestion.

We'll together grow STEEM
Thanks @Sirknight for the encouragement

And it will even more enjoyable with Beatitudes U.

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I only know how to do epics though XD

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I know R. But at least I got you commenting. 😎

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I make many comments good sir :D

Full steem ahead for me, however I guess the platform will still return back very soon, some people still haven't gotten back after HF20

They are slack buggers Jose. At least guys like you and me are here to keep the stats reasonable. 😉

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Yes,it is true we have to do more in order to achieve more. Sir, you always show as the way and what we can do as steemians to achieve much. Thanks for that reminder!

Thankyou oppongk. You are too kind.

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In my case I am publishing a lot ... if you want you can visit my post ... When you live in Venezuela, the reward does matter !!!, so I must publish a lot ... 😉

I wait for you on my blog, Caballero 😊.... Happy Day!

Glad you publish a lot. You are keeping STEEM strong Blessed-girl.

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@sirknight, this is a new one, what I've heard is that if your post is not epic or of good quality, no body will care about it. Rather I think we should just continue making great content as ever. This is not about the reward sk, it's just my own point of view

I believe that everything has its time, the one that is faithful in the little, God places it in a lot, it is true that the rewards are important but also it is, the sharing between brothers, personal growth, and prdication of the good news of the Gospel of La Paz. Thanks @sirknight for your example.

Always thanks Sirknight! I must congratulate you because you are always inspiring the masses. After a voluntary absence, I have returned with wishes to write, I must confess that steemchurch is a good place to express my Christian thoughts.

This knight doesn't say much but if he does it is wise to yield to the letter💯


beyond the rewards people should think about the contribution they make to this platform, where creativity and originality is the pillar, I think that many people benefit from the high content of interest that is published in the different areas, which they help us grow.

Motivational words friend sirknight, we have a challenge and it is to preach the word of God in time and out of time, the rewards are motivating, but speaking of the word of God, it is rewarding, priceless
¡ Beautiful are the feet of those who announce the word of God!...

Well said ricci.

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Yeah I know you the guys who is @Legend @Sirknight 😊😊

There is always a remnant that remains in battle feet SK. I guess we are there and we can give more.

We must do what we can EC. But it will be more fun with Beatitudes.

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But it seems steem support only what is 'epic'. And even when it's epic, some do not still get reasonable outcome.

It's a bit of a challenge to continually come up with something that people will find interesting SK. It's fine if you have some special type of knowledge that others are willing to reward, but I think most people will struggle to build any following. But I think if you persist and just chip away at it we might be rewarded in the future, well that's what we can use to keep us going and not walk away, cheers mate.

As I have always said SB... STEEM is about being part of a 'Community'. I must say it will get easier when SMTs and the Hivemind arrive.

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is right SK, work to keep steem strong, his publications teach me to understand even more the platform, every day we feed steem with our work, in turn we get, beyond the rewards a pleasant and relaxing time enjoying of all that wonderful content that others bring. I have learned a lot and I thank God for having found @steemchurch.

I tried to install this application on my smartphone, but I do not have the memory capacity to install it, I will keep trying.

On this occasion I commented later in this publication, because I proposed to make a proposal for you to evaluate, and with the purpose of motivating the community to make additional daily publications. (VIDEO)

Hi theonlyway - I will have a look later. Thank you. SK.

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What exactly should we do. Because after the hardfork,its almost thesame thing. I thought Hiveminds(community) support will be given to us from Stinc. For those who do not have a reliable source of auto vote support might just relax because its expensive to run steemit with low payout. Just saying tho

I am sorry Michael - but I really don't get this attitude. I have never asked for anything off anyone. I never ask Stinc for anything. I just did it. Built it. Same in Steem as in life. I hope you begin to see all the amazing opportunities around you - Steem and crypto in general.


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Great movie, although the new version is better, mesalas lives and manages to reconsider with his friend.

Well it's sad but it's a reality, I try to create good healthy content although I do not always receive votes, I like to share what I've learned, and whenever I have an opportunity I will, whether I receive votes or not. greetings @emiliocabrera