Vote for Steem on GoNetCoins, less than 24 hours left: Don't stop now!

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By now, if you haven't heard about this contest, you must be living under a rock!

Get over to Netcoins and vote for steem here:

Do it now, it's almost too late!

Don't let this go down like this:

Let me repeat:

Get over to Netcoins and vote for steem here:

Get over to Netcoins and vote for steem here:

Get over to Netcoins and vote for steem here:

Resteem this or post your own alert, we've got work to do today, people!

Team @NobleWitness


Steemit is very good.

I read your comments page, and this is the only spam you make. No one's gonna follow a simple beggar, use the platform and do the work like the rest of us please, or don't bother to log in.

keep it up....@sircork

Hope steem...cross 12$ in December.

hahaha... SPAMMER!!!! LOL

Yeah @netuoso pinned it to the top to prove what a ridiculous tool he can be when he doesn't apply himself very hard at all. Which he doesn't. Which is why the platform totally ridicules him now. sigh Pedantic children never learn how to not look stupid in public.


It is possible to launch BTS activity?

Just voted

Hi @sircork, finally we won the contest, i did my part too making a post with steem-bounty set, so we shown we are strong community.
Starting from @ned, many users made a post with this link and thanks to this we won, but one is my doubt, it was really necessary that a main coin like Steem need to make this contest? I think Steem is one of the main coin of coinmarketcap, even now is 41 position, but what for to risk to loose against Verge or other shitcoins was in this contest?

Not much risk in it really. This contest will get our coin made available over the counter in real stores, mostly in Canada but other places too, apparently. It's worth it.

rock the vote

we almost there, we need to hold steem on #1 place until the end to win this :) , by the way verge is less of 100 than steem , that's so close


Damn looks like im a little too late!

steem won.. congrats to the community of steem

What the thing you shared. Good to read.
Bus Simulator Vietnam

I am almost 100% sure that the 1k Verge votes that came in are fake, and hopefully, they will get purged from the contest. But I also discovered some of our users promoting fake vote submissions in "how to" guide formats, without ever mentioning changing their IP-address or anything... So we will probably lose quite a few votes as well🤦‍

I hope we will win at the end of the day, it is really very sad when it comes to the greater interest of the community we have only 10000 people to vote, when it comes to spamming we have lakhs of people. How sad it is. I am praying for steem to win this contest, when i see the genuine effort of oracle-d, i really get emotional. How much effort and hardwork they have put over last 5 days is really commendable.

Either we have only ghost accounts here in steemit and to be honest it is clear testimony that we are hardly 10000 active steemians.

But one thing I am happy about is that, if the number of honest votes any community has got then it is steem only.

Lets hope for the best.

Thank you and Have a great day.

I am actually a bit surprised to see how few active Steemians there are out there at the moment, I feel this contest has really highlighted that aspect for me.

When most people dedicated to the contest has 4 or 5 votes over the course of the week, it means there are only around 2-3000 people really participating! 😦

I hope we win and I have a feeling that we will; but for me, this entire contest has been a bittersweet kick in the face in regards to the size of our active community...

You are absolutely right. This contest in Netcoins is a testimony that we are not a strong community in terms of size, when all the frontrunner and leading whales including Ned and blocktrades make a call and even offer good upvote size to the people, voting should have had like 30k+ at least. But we have only 11k so far. I wish we win at the end after scrutiny by Netcoins. Vergcoin voting are fake as far as today's votes are concerned.

In terms of community power, we have a long way to go and I think we have to rethink about it once again where do we stand.

I completely agreed. I am not sure if this is telling us what the real elephant in the room is - perhaps, steemit is not as active as a community as I would thought it to be. The numbers don’t make sense. I hope the fundamentals are still there.

We have another vote buying farm in compete with us- INS currency based on Moscow, Russia. VERGE is in number three position. They probably bought 5000 votes in last 3 hours. For crypto-god's shake, somebody report them too.

UPDATE: 2hrs left, INS close the gap within 400 votes. We can't fight a bot farm.

I hope our users played it straight. Time will tell, It's sooo close...

A lot of dodgy stuff is going on with this contest. I expect the final vote tally to be very different than it stands now.

And it was :)


A just in case tip for folk with multiple emails who may be stuck because it doesn't look as if you can vote again:

Delete the Cookies and you'll be able to restart the process.

Have my last note in about two hours. I suspect the sudden spike in verge votes

Support!!! Let's Go Steem!


why, if this is so important for Steem, was there no info banner placed at the top of the steemit site, like when there were problems during the last HF?

Very good question, though I suppose they could have argued that was sketchy around the vote gathering rules, I dunno. I am not a gaming / sweekstakes/ contest lawyer :)


My 5th vote for steem

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Hi @sircork I'm a bot, and wanted you to know that I've upvoted and re-steemed your post to help you with your promotion efforts! -exp

Tomorrow can vote Mr @sircork? Are you sure?

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I don't know when your "tomorrow" is, based on world times, but there is a count down clock on the linked page above, near the middle, above the voting section, on the right side of the page. I believe there is about 15 hours -or less- left for you to vote.

Time differance?
I am check Netcoins.
Thank youuuuuu....

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Thanks for jumping on it and the very loud rallying call - that's brilliant and it has helped us take the lead.

@sircork sir, here is my fist vote

this is my 2nd vote !
vote 2.jpg
and here is my 3rd one !

and going to vote my 4th one soon.

I love steem so much and I can do anything for its success!
Steem to moon!

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It seems verge is doing some shady fake ass shit right now with the votes lol

Maybe so, it's hard to say, C...

♥ Go! Steem! Go! ♥


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We are kicking ass! I have been voting everyday, and made my wife do it to. Fingers crossed!

it is big opportunity of all steemit user.
if they are vote steem.steem strongly work online of every worker.
personaly i vote this service.
so, finaly i request it all seteem user vote steem.
link post include see it now and go ahead steem and steem all users.

Yes, what he said, people ^

dayum you botted this like a mofo bahhahahaha

Pretty cool, thanks!

You've made the Steemit Minute for today! Congrats!

Check out the Video Here:

Latest my chain vote, please make Steem to the Top


we follow support STEEM!

Let's support to STEEM, this is my vote # 3

Come on everyone be active today and promote it every where i did promotion on fb and even to some of my friends keep going.

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Did everyone just suddenly forget about Coinbase? They are thinking about listing Steem too, and need your vote. Last time I checked Coinbase is by far a bigger player than Netcoin. Vote for both!

I'll have to get to my computer. I can't bring it up on the phone

voted, we have about 1k votes lead

Done for my last time!

let's go Moon ! :)

Done. Hope we win. It is too close. Resteemed.

voted for steem!

Voted for our favorte Steem!

i had vote and my number vote is : 13808
this link for share :
bandicam 2018-10-21 00-48-44-873.jpg


be sure to click the confirmation in that email ^ thanks!

Sad to know the votation entry is closed right now. Why did i decide too way later? I dunno...:(

We won't know for a week, but I don't believe we were in the lead at the very end. Some suspect some alleged foul voting, so we will see.

Count my vote! I will support steem!


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Thank give us chance to win steem and also we are also voted for this

Well I didn't offer a prize for something we should all be doing. But also go vote on the page!

I'll have to get to my computer. I can't bring it up on the phone

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Hello @sircork. I have read your post that is very good ,

I wants to promot my own post need your help .

Thanks @sircork.

Vote Me i Vote You!!

nice post gan,,,follow me

Downvoted for disagreement with rewards. The NetCoins contest is plastered all over the Trending Page. If people haven't voted yet it's because they don't give a shit rather than not knowing about it.

Two kinds of people. Those who get it:

And those that have been here most of a year and only have about 300 followers. Sounds like you don't like steem very much.

There's always that one kid who boos at his own games too. The people participating here seem well reminded and made aware. You're just one of those people who doesn't like it when other people get stuff done, eh?

Speaking of those getting stuff done, you missed the other entries in trending that are on this topic. You may wanna start being more consistent to find success on the platform.


Sorry about the outcome. It's possible INS may have a ton of votes disallowed.

Have an upvote for your witty response.

Freaky felling about this contest. But thanks for the information. Good work sir @sircork🤔🤔🤔🤔👏👏👏

Hope u share more information in future. ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

Which coin am i voting for please

Woohoo go steem!

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Good luck buddy

We have so many members and it’s the most usable community

Very nice!!! Steem on more exchanges!

done with my one last vote! keep on voting guys!

already done with this!
we can do this guys!!

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