Saw this coming WAY too long ago.

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Yeah, saw this all coming way too long ago.

Can't say I can't watch though, as the place burns up and all the services attached to it get turned off. It's a train wreck and I can't take my eyes off it.

Glad I got out and freed up my investments and time when I did.

I miss some of you, and stay in touch with some of you and then there are some of you that can just go stick it where the sun doesn't shine. But you've all ALWAYS known that, in each and every case.

All my love, all my kisses, hope you don't lose all of your riches, oh boy.



Ignorance and Arrogance walked into a bar....

You crossed my mind, stopped by. Hope all is well!

I never came back and saw this, but I am alive if you see this and dipping my toe into the Hive's nest as of about a week ago. Maybe I'll see you around. I miss the days of simple Papa Pepper adventure games for sure!

Thanks for letting me know @sircork!

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