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Hello Steem, I am planning on using this account to help support various types of content and dapps on the Steem network. I will be supporting all types of people from all walks of life. I hope to help YouTubers and anyone in general who has been censored, demonetized and/or de-platformed in any way. In the future I will be discussing various investments I am making, as well as documenting the charity work I plan on doing through Singh Capital. I believe Steem has the potential to change the world for the better and I will be leveraging my Steem Power to help achieve this goal in any way I can.


Thank you for supporting @CryptoDailyUK our aim is to be a free an open news source for Crypto.

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Blessings , good to finally here from you on steem though we’ve crossed distal paths on twitter. Wish you all the best with your goals and hope we can help you in some way. Thank you for all you are doing to support the community!

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Thank you for giving us a better idea of who you are. I remember getting a generous vote from you recently and I'd never heard of your name before. Surely, I didn't forget since, but am glad that you're opening up a bit. It's nice to know the people who are out there with good intentions as you've alluded to above. I fully support all forms of charity work and look forward to your contributions.

One Man Can Change the World...Keep Up the great work..

Keep up the good work 👏

Welcome @singhcapital, this initiative is excellent to support communities and projects, there are many interesting here and great social projection.It is always encouraging and inspiring to see that the world has a potential within each noble spirit that God has placed in each human being.


Hi Singh Capital. Thank you for supporting this community. We truly appreciate you here. -Ken

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Good to see some interesting and passionate insight about Steem. No doubt it has the potential to grow and to explore ample opportunity on the platform....users really loves you and follow you to walk along with you. Let yhe caravan move on in the new direction alongwith all of the lovelly Steemian......

Good to see fruitful insight from this account. @singhcapital Steem On.👍

It is really great to see the support coming from you for helping the users to see the real value of their content and time and coming up forward is indeed something very much appreciated by each & every members I believe. Glad to have some users who are for the community and will be by us which does makes the STEEM journey much more amazing one !! Looking really forward to the coming days !!

The legacy finally posts! Thank you for everything you've done so far. Would love to know the start of your investment journey someday in a post or video.

All the best!

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wow this is an awesome support you are giving to the steem comunity. I can't wait to see your future plans and how your support has helped various people

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So weird to see you uploading. Eheheh we all know you have been already supporting loads of creators 😁 what you have been doing is awesome. Thanks 😁

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Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for supporting my Content today. I do work hard and take pride in producing the best Content I can. It was so gracious and a very ,very nice surprise of your recognition and reward. I can honestly say that if this is the only time it ever happens...well you just made my whole week :>) And you won't hear any complaints from me :)

Thanks again and thank you for your support of other Steemians as well

Robert Andrew

That's awesome.

Better days lie ahead. The world needs more people like you

Always good to see more support on the platform and hopefully it goes to places where it's needed. there are plenty of underappreciated authors out there. We find some each week through the @pifc trial and even though its not much, authors always appreciate the little bit they get

Keep 'm coming @thejohalfiles, I mean @singhcapital!

I certainly agree with the posts you choose to upvote!

Let’s work together and change the world~

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Hey ... Welcome to Steemit... I followed you. I’m an artist, photographer in Canada. I’m on Twitter too. Http://www.Twitter.com/Offgrid

Hopefully more one more many other people who have thoughts like you @singhcapital that are one the steemit platform. Thank you for your sincere intentions, success for you. Greetings from Indonesia.

You have been doing an amazing job until now Johal. Your actions speak for themselves....I am really glad there are people like you Dan and Nathan around...

Steem needs you!

Even though I am not from those who have been benefited from your actions I am sure that every vote you cast, every person you help and everyone donation you have made / will make are for a good cause. I am a huge fan of Steem block chain and the potential it has and I am sure that together...we can change the world!

Really looking forward for your future posts!

That’s awesome! Let’s all step up during the crypto winter 🤑

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Vahot vadhiya..

That's brilliant introduction @singhcapital. Thank you for help different kind of Dapps content creators on steem blockchain. Sure steem will be potential change the world and it means lot. Your planning investment and charity project surely will be success.

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Steem has already changed the world and continues to develop to do it more broadly! It has been a great experience seeing the community grow despite the adversity and with dedicated supporters like yourself, the opportunities are limitless! Welcone to the ecosystem!

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You're gonna have a lot of work ahead of you considering that pretty much everyone and anything that isn't child friendly is demonetized these days (At least on youtube, which has become absolutely soggy monkey scrotum for content creators). Definitely a cool initiative and I'll be interested in seeing what you accomplish on the platform and with other users.

Thanks for everything you do and the support you're giving!

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I am sure you can find a lot of individuals, groups, dapps, projects, etc. here in steem platform @singhcapital I wish you all the best in your steem work endeavors and support in this community.

Awesome; support is paramount on this platform.

You will be among those doing the needful. @singhcapital.

You just appeared out of nowhere, how very ominous. It'll be interesting learning more about your story and investments as time goes on.

Great initiative!
I am glad that in this world there are people and organizations that support those who are worthy and who really need it.

Welcome to Steemit! If I haven't seen your initial posts earlier it's not too late yet.
Hope that with steem is slightly better this encourages people to look into it as part of a forming of an ecosystem that can support everyone long term instead of just hit and dump profit.

Good to see that you are doing great things for the platform here.

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Seria de muy buena ayuda, fundar una asociación para salvar a todas esas macotas y animales que padecen la crisis en mi país, ellos no tienen la culpa de los tiranos de turno! antes que muera más animales. Me ofrezco en recompensar a personas que utilizar estar red para ayudar a esos animales en peligro, por desgracia no tengo el suficiente steemt Power para hacerlo!! sería muy muy idea! no crees!!

It would be very good help, to found an association to save all those little animals and animals that suffer from the crisis in my country, they are not the fault of the tyrants of the day! before he dies more animals.
I offer to reward people who use the network to help those animals in danger, unfortunately I do not have enough power to do it! It would be very very idea! do not believe!

Hello @singhcapital I'm a curator and I run a project called GRAFFITY HUNTER. I realy apreciate your work keep going.

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It's nice to see that you are still supporting Steem Community Johal 🤗

Good Man!

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Yee ! @singhcapital for the rescue. I was banned from YouTube when I have 300 subs ... Now I have new account but for me better is DTube. Here on DTube I can record what I want and there is no censor

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Hello @singhcapital welcome. This is indeed a great initiative and will surely help to empower people in the platform. I follow you already in twitter and have followed here as well. Looking forward to work with you in your projects.
Thank you.

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Thanks so much for supporting us on steemit sir steemit needs people like you . Looking forward for your new plans. Once again thank you so much for your support.

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Great initiative best way to help blockchain by helping small amounts

Hopefully this charitable work can benefit many people in Steemit, and Steemit can be as successful as it once was :)

Great initiative @singhcapital. We are here together to make steem blockchain better. We should have more whales like you. Cheers!

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That's super great @singhcapital! A surprising introduction but awesome! Support from you will mean a great deal for Steem World and from outside too!

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Definitely brother and I am also strongly believe that

I believe Steem has the potential to change the world.

We are cordially welcoming you with your support. Happy to hearing that you dedicate to come forward with supporting us. Let's make the community for beautiful, more potential. #steem change everything with joy, earn and learn.

Your charity is great. Thank you for taking care of the lower income people. This will have more low-income people to stay. No staff turnover,thank you

I saw your support multiple times on some projects.

It's hard to find that kind of organic support these days, thank you!

People who love steemit we are very familiar with some name, @theycallmedan, @nathanmars and @singhcapital, because those people are doing awesome thing for steemit, they are always giving us huge inspiration to do something better in steemit, here we are competing with other, we just competing with ourself, that we can do better than before, it's a really great sweet word to you want to support all types of people from all walks of life, it will make all of steemit user happy,

Thank you for your generous upvote on my last video. I greatly appreciate it. It is very encouraging to have someone like you out there supporting us content creators. Have a great day!!!

Good to see your great plans for we the community at large. Greet work. Good Samaritan man. As you said earlier #steem would grow from high level to greater height soon that's my believe as well.

#steem would feed the World 🌎

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Thanks so much for your support! I pounded that upvote button. Strong hand!

Thanks a lot for your support. We need more whales like you. Minnows are really in need because they are doing their best to grow and improve in steem blockchain and it's so hard for them. But with people like you, we all have big hope in steem blockchain and we will stay here for a long time and we will invite more people. I can't wait when steem will be more popular than facebook. ☺

One big reason I have so much faith in Steem
The people here
The people like you
Thank you :)

Me gustaría que en steemit valorara mas los contenidos científico, suena aburrido pero la ciencia lo es todo, gracias a ella tenemos las tecnologías que estamos usando!

I would like you to value scientific content more at this time, but I do not know what to do, thanks to it we have the technologies we are using!

Welcome to Steemit! I am Japanese Steemian.

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I am so happy seeing people waking up and offering such a great service to the steem blockchain. Thanks

Feeling good to see your first post on this BlockChain and I always appreciate your helping nature to various types of content .
Welcome your idea about this BlockChain and future investing plan. We are with you in your charity work and contribution
Thank you brother @singhcapital

Thank you for your proposed good intentions about content creators and communities. It is always encouraging.

I was very happy when i first heard of you bhai, and from long i was thinking how i can get supported by as well as in return i can provide some valuable contribution to this platform because i am looking forward to create steemit as my full time passion and to the much extent i have started doing that even i have a YouTube channel and the growth is very slow.

I will be happy if you could visit my content and if you liked the content which i am creating then that would really be a great achievement for me.

One more thing i would like to say brother that in near future please organise a steemeins meet-up in India so that i could meet every passionate individuals of steem platform from India in real.

Thanks bhai much appreciated support.

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Great to see that people with a lot of us like you , @theycallmedan , @nathanmars etc rewarding authors and being active and supportive.
Most "whales" don't even bother.
Waiting for more exciting news my friend and good luck with the ptojects you have in mind.

Thank you for doing this this. With your Steem Power, you have the means to change a lot of things for the better.

I wish you the best of luck with your Steem Journey!

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It is a good initiative, I admire the people who seek to support the noble causes with the Power of Steem.

I recommend checking @steemchurch @sirknight

Great to have you on board the Steem train. I like you see a bright future for Steem and the Dapps built on its Blockchain. The options seem endless. From D.tube to Steemmonsters, to blackjack and MagicDice. Homesteaders, artists, programmers, gamers and not to the coolest kitchen on the Blockchain (food Fight Friday) There is a place for everyone here. Cheers and I hope to see you around.


This is amazing man!

I believe Steem has the potential to change the world for the better and I will be leveraging my Steem Power to help achieve this goal in any way I can.

This is the true purpose of the blockchain - bringing freedom to people and making them smile. Thanks for this initiative.

Welcome onboard @Singhcapital

Thank you so much for this great introduction and gave us chance to know you more better way. Welcome to steem blockchain. Yes, we already know you and i really appreciate what you are doing for this blockchain. Really appreciate your support and thoughts.. Thank you so much for believing on steem blockchain and hopefully we can reach our goal together. Your each and every contribution appreciated...

Hi @singhcapital. How are you doing? We have been following your voting behavior, you are supporting great content and innitiatives.

We believe that steem need more external investment, content creation of all kinds and to reach a wider audience, accounts like yours are helping the community to achieve that goal.

It will be good if you take a look at our project. We are for now only a curation project and magazine, but we are working on creating a big following on another platforms like Instagram and Facebook so we can invite them to Steem to create, share, enjoy and learn.

Our goal is to serve as a platform for the artists, to help them so they can make their work appreciated all over the world through steem.

Upvoting our content will be a good help, in any case we will be writing to your email so you can read a better proposal.

Sorry if our english its not perfect.

Kind regards.

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lots of whale investors should take you as an example. instead of delegating to bidbots, what you do is making a real impact. thank you and let me know if i can give something back in any way.

Good to know your intentions and appreciate your care for content creators.
As a content creator myself, it is very refreshing and reassuring that there still are people on here who care about the value being added to the blockchain by content creation.
I believe you will feel very satisfied on your steem journey as there are tons of different content and a plethora of people to explore and support.
Steem surely has the power to change the way internet and social media functions. Steem is the greener side.
Welcome aboard!

Good to see your efforts rewarding content and apps that can help awaken the world to be better, johal/singh :) You've been doing it for a while.

I'm trying to help people come together to form communities of common interest to coordinate curation. The app is called KURE, Kindred United to Reward Everyone/Excellence, a curation network remedy for Steem ;)

I make weekly posts about the development progress. I had originally made a PHP version in 2017, but killed it since I thought Steemit was coming out with communities soon. Well that didn't happen, so I decided, 2 years later, to redo it, in ReactJS this time.

The basic usability to make and join communities works, as well as adding posts for curation/kuration. The site went online last weekend. I think I need to do more work on it before it becomes appealing to most... I greatly appreciate the support I get in the meantime from various people, including the utopian-io group.

There's still a lot to do, but you're welcome to check it out: thekure.net. If you have any recommendations, criticisms or feedback, please suggest them. There is a discord link to reach me in the weekly update posts. Peace.

Your work is very meaningful, thank you!

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First of all thank you so much for give your introduce.
I hope you will reached your goal.You will be with us and good content will support you.I am very happy for your work.I wish to you happiness forever.

Welcome @singhcapital, I really like the idea of proposed work, especially to support charitable projects, in the future we could maybe work in some way as a team.


Good luck! It feels great to have as many steemians as possible that prefer to manually curate instead of delegating to bid bots!

Hey @singhcapital,

I've sent you an email via proton some time ago but in case it went to bulk mail or spam...

I realized that you have some open witness voting slots, and with your intention to help various projects I need to make sure that you at least set eyes on two of them - (much more details in the mail).

One of them is one of the leading and most recognized curation guilds on steem blockchain - @curie.
The other one is relatively new project dedicated to empowering the wisdom of the crowd( @crowdmind ) and promoting and helping to unleash the full potential of crowdsourcing on the blockchain. (apart from crowdmind our @crowdwitness supports more community related projects).

If you are willing to consider casting a vote please contact me, or anyone involved in organization of those two project.


Great. I do the same on small scale - 8000 SP - with my 2nd account @powernap. Be aware many will ask you for delegation or upvotes.

Good to have you here! I've been on YouTube for 10+ years as DRutter, and have been increasingly censored and shadowbanned over the years. I've documented it but found the best idea was to escape it completely by making Steem my home base online.
Keep up the great work and see you around!

First off, welcome to steem and steemit. I hope you have fun curating and reading contents... And also please don't forget to check out my blog🙂🙂🙂 Cheers 🍻

Thank you make steemit more active,
encourage more people join steemit.

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nice to be able to meet you here, I also see you in the Karma App

Sign me up, I am an independent journalist who writes for Activist Post (one of the best researchers) and activist who has been censored beyond belief. I was hacked during the 2016 election by the U.S. government working at WeAreChange.org. I have been suspended/banned by Facebook, Twitter and now even Medium. I appreciate your generosity thanks for upvoting me. It seems like all these big social companies are trying to destroy my life. If my articles don't get seen I don't make money. As a result, If I don't make money I don't eat. Thank you again. <3 -AK

Great to see.
You’re definitely not the average STEEM whale type.


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welcome to steemit
And I saw your work. All you have to do is get upvote by choosing the best post.
#steem on

Thank you for supporting the STEEM Ecosystem !
I can’t wait to see which one you will support 😉😉😉

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Have fun staying around. Stay away from flag war. Looking forward on your contribution 🙂

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Angels whales are always more than welcome. Thanks @singhcapital to support good initiative...

I could use help. I am brand new to Steemit and just begining to build here.

Steem has and is changing the world for the better, and everyone who has lost faith in that are blind to the vast amount of conscious projects, games, and other dapps that are popping up on this blockchain every day - in addition to environmental initiatives like my #EarthDeeds contests, @homesteaderscoop, @cleanplanet, @treeplanter, and @NaturalMedicine. There is nothing quite like Steem, and the fact that there is no censorship is even better. I love it here, and I wanted to personally thank you for the support you have shown my friends and I on this platfrom so far - much graditude my friend - if you are interested, please check out my video about how adversity from Anarchapulco United our Tribe. It explains the oppression we experienced from this year's conference coordinator and how we overcame that through banding with other legit anarchists that we now call our friends. Thanks again for everything - you are appreciated greatly here @SinghCapital. Bless up.

Great initiative, I would like steemit to be more equitable, since the evolution of users on this platform is exponential, I would like it to be linear, there is no way to reach the people who started first, so steemit about 90% of users has a reputation of 25, and only whales and killer whales are 2%, thank you for your altruistic battle

I had no idea about you or your initiative until I saw your upvote on my recent DTube video. Just stopping by to say that I'm grateful for the support and I hope you'll continue to support various content on Steem.


you are doing the work of gods

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Very good initiative, in steemit there are many things to fix, one is censorship, another is the iniquity of the visualizations, some that start with very good articles are ignored while the whales do not vote for them, I even have the power to disparage people with your negative vote and disappear it from the map ...
Muy buena iniciativa, en steemit hay muchas cosas que arreglar, uno es la censura, otra es la iniquidad de la visualizaciones, unos que van empezando con muy buenos artículos son ignorados mientras que las ballenas por nada los votan, he incluso tiene el poder de menospreciar a las personas con su voto negativo y desaparecerla del mapa….

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Singh Is KING!

Thank you for all you are doing to support the community! in steemit there are many things to do, including assessing those users who are dedicated to publishing articles, there are very few users doing that, first because the topics are difficult and the majority bores you! and prefer the easy, most people do not struggle ...

Big breakthroughs can be made ...

It's awesome to have you in Steemit community. Wish you all the best 😀

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Appreciate the SUPPORT!

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Woooah! That's a lot of steem power! Nice to see this account tho! I like the potential of good deeds on the steem network :)

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