Analysis - Why STEEM is a LEADING Cryptocurrency and we ALL should KNOW THAT

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We Steemeronis all know that STEEMIT is a blockchain-based social media platform where anyone can earn rewards and prosper with and for the community. This is my 3rd week on Steemit and i really want to get a capitalistic approach to that, because i am an anarcho-capitalist ^^.

Just to get the really important facts together - WATCH THIS 2 minutes.

Okay so everybody knows the same facts. Steem seems to be like a NEW and MUCH BETTER FACEBOOK to me. PLUS it is A REAL CRYPTOCURRENCY. Huh damn!!!!! When you post on Facebook and write your opinions and share it with your friends, you get NOTHING!!! By doing the same on STEEMIT, you build your own UNIQUE COMMUNITY with your awesome posts and valueable Infos for the world. Not to mention that Steemit is indexed by Google. Facebook is not indexed!!! So anyone can find your Steemit articles on the web. Just that alone gives your writing a superior marketing boost.

For me another question is very important:

HOW to forsee a possible future PRICE OF STEEM?

Because Prices always follow Values. That is the same in the stock market and its also the same in any currency market.

A fellow DASH Buddy @pablomp just made a mathematical analysis based on Austrian Economics to make a valuation modell for cryptocurrencies. This will follow soon and will be BIG RESTEEMED by me ^^

Just to give you an important portion on that earlier and using DASH as example:

Quotation from @pablomp awesome work "Cryptocurrencies - What is the fair value of a currency?":

"There are important consequences of this model. The value of a currency is directly proportional to the number of trades that are taking place per unit of time. Nonetheless, it is inversely proportional to the total discounted supply and inversely proportional to the velocity of it. Thus, a currency which increases its velocity will lose value with respect to any other currencies whose velocity do not increase that much. Also, printing money does not sound like a good idea to increase the price of a currency in terms of other currencies."

The consequence must be that a growing and leading cryptocurrency like STEEM, providing a socal media platform without any competition in sight must and will rise in its value just because it is used aka a rise of transactions. DASH is a perfect example to that, because the ever increasing transactions in the DASH network also pumped the price up significantly in the last few month and will do so in the future with the soon comming AWESOME EVOLUTION Update which will make transactions even easier. The low velocity is given by the masternodes and in steem through saving steem power.

Furthermore usability is key. STEEMIT is very easy to use and so anyone can and will join it. The Price will follow and give us all the chance to be part of the SOCIAL MEDIA REVOLUTION 2.0!!!!


Simon the Ravager
Dasheroni, Steemeroni & Anarcho-Capitalist

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Yes, Dash and Steemit, my two favorites!

Thank you @simontheravager!! I'll get the article posted very soon :)


yeah buddy will be awesome ^^ very keen on that

Nice article...