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It seemed to make sense, but I know it gave me a headache, and there was much I had no idea what was being said.
I noted one difficulty I will have to sort soon. I have five 52 Ch keys. Where from¿ who knows now. I wrote them down hard-copy when I joined. I am not in any way a computer user, other than here on my new android ph. So I have not tried any of the keys for any purpose, although I noted when asked at Steem-chat for my posting key, they returned that they were not asking for my steemit 52ch but an eight character key. From where I get or generate that, they didn't say, so I've not had any steemit-chat help. Discord, I think I did sign in back in the beginning, but after going there several times to be told no-one was there, I stopped. Thank-you for this post. Now I can return and reread. The explanation of the finances made sense, but also went right over my head. Money is not a motive, and I reckon I can leave it alone for a few weeks yet. I'd like to know better how to navigate around. @spiritualmatters told me how to access a search, but I don't understand, and I think the face page is totally different from CPU to mob ph. I've been saying ever since I first signed up that steemit is so clean compared to other social platforms that 2018 will see an exponential expansion in members. If money were my main worry, I'd not tell members, which I have done, secrets of forex. Amazon will open trading to crypto's this week. That will change the relationship between all stores and the customer base. Leading nano-tech is robotics. Leading robotics is a sentient chip. Budweiser Beer before last Xmas, sent a truck 130 miles on delivery from Chicago WITHOUT a driver. So robotics are here now! An ASX Co is leading the world in sentient chips, and at Xmas time it's stock was only 0.17.5c ea. So, don't believe me, but do buy $100 at 17c (580ish) of BRN, because there, is 2018 millionaires. Also blockchain security in an ASX at 0.3.5c ea, so research it, put $100 in 4DS. If I'm wrong, I'll owe you half a day's work, if I'm right, you'll be on steemit 24/7, from anywhere in the world you wish to be. 😉
Some well practiced whale could make a $1 using an 'idiot' such as I am, and writing the easy to read, from no-knowledge to fast-track, e-book, of, steemit for new jacks. If you do know who might do this with me, I suggest we do it via email addresses until ready to publish. By publish I mean, if sold then e-book might go out via email in one go, if done as posts, then INDEXing might be a necessary inclusion for the new jacks. I do recommend an e-book, because an email is so much easier for new persons to print, and a paper notebook can be taken everywhere and read anytime. Many places near where I live have nil network access, and there is still very much dead ground that I spend time working in. So access to a paper means I can learn before trying. Trying is the practical, I agree, but not always accessible. A book with an index to the 'how to' of would be a tremendous advance in the speed of newbies practice, I believe. And also a possible $ raiser for author and 'tester idiot'. 😂


That is an interesting thought. Once you have the content ready it should not be very difficult to make it as a single email or pdf which can be printed out. You can also use Google docs if you want to keep it all in one place and in a draft state if you want to get it reviewed.

Very true, but I'm still the 'idiot', I am neither computer oriented or trained and have no more idea of steemit than what I have managed to glean from helpful posts of such as @abh12345, @vaansteam, @spiritualmatters, & @davemccoy who's blog I still have to read. I've been thinking that an app of a version of @cheetah would make a very good addition, as a steemit archival retrieval robot. Not just to sort tags, but to find word usage and narrow searches to particular info fields. But again that's for you IT geniuses. We will need some sort of indexed and retrieval I reckon. The membership will expand exponentially, and already steemit has a universal archival library. Having some better means of retrieval will increase usage, and I reckon a means of increasing $ might be found. Cost of use by non-members, 0.00001 unitary Votes on archived material. Pooling material by further means than tags, into divisions, sub-divisions and classes -fiction/nonfiction, photos/text/photos and text(info text as opposed to greeting text) and so on. But again, this seems to be a robot's forte.
Anyway if you know someone who has written many many posts on 'how to' steemit, then I would be very glad to read as a 'nil knowledge' newbie to help simplify the passing of instruction. 😇