Getting F'ed in the A

in #steem3 years ago

Shit has hit the fan people. What thee grand fook has been happening lately? soft forks, locked funds, 20 new fookin tron witnesses!!! Im sure you all know about this stuff so i will spare you the hassle of reading my version of current events. Oh boy, Im glad i powered down after HF21 so i have no worries that way. It's all in SPinvest which is much more liquid and SPinvest has it's already cast 30 witness votes. Looks like we are in the shit and there's little light. what about we just fuck this guy? What about tracking down accounts that have not voted any witnesses and downvote all their content until they do cause that's the Steemit way of thinking. The way i see it is we are screwed both ways. If we can as a community take the top 20 witness spots, we return to what? Jerk circle upvoting? Not a positive post you've probably already noticed.

When i got home from work this morning, STEEM witnesses had the top 11 spots but im seeing now that this is not the case anymore with the Tron witnesses overtaking all the STEEM expect two. It looks like we are fighting a losing battle but i wonder how much steam Justin Sun has to power his train of destruction. It's sorta shit for us all because most people have been on here for years. The reason most of have been here for years is that nobody new joins steemit and its the same people day in day out. We have been through a lot already and it's gonna get worse for a small bit of time. When i think of the thousands of hours and £'s i have invested into STEEM/Steemit, its a sad sight to see what steemit is in terms of structure after 4 years.
Dont get me wrong, im powered down but not cashed out. Im still running my 2 projects and having fun.
Nobody is on discord right now so i cant complain about it over there, hence the post :) I'll be around steemit and holding STEEM until it moons are shit hits the wall.
Anyways, i hope all comes good in the end and we can be all like.........



You can always message me on discord tk bitch if ya need and i reckon he is close to reaching his limit without the price of steem being pushed sky high

I hope so cause it's wonna take more and more work and get harder everytime they top us. I got from home and thought sweet, we have the top 11 spots and now we only have 1 in the top 10 and the next steem witness is placed at 19th.

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