Zero Hedge posts about Steem: AI Censorship And The Power Of 'Steem' To Preserve Truth

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Here is the link below:


From the article:
Steem is the way to beat them at their own game, without using their methods. Simply speak the truth and record it for all time.

Moreover, it takes earning power of the idea-creator and puts it in their hands, not the hands of the distributors and the rent-seekers, like Google and Twitter.

The growth of the platform is the way to claw back the capital they have been taking for themselves because before this we were just happy to have a platform to express ourselves.

Now those platforms have become chains around our necks. Tools of censorship and oppression; spreading false narratives and suppressing the truth while making them billions.

The worst part is that we are so inculcated in this abusive system that we come to devalue our own work. That it’s not worth $2 or even $20 for us to produce something that changes the course of someone’s life.

Go ZH !
Go Steem !

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