From Crypto-Beginner to Steem-Addict? My daily Steem and Splinterlands routine!

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Ya'll 2015 is nearly five years in the past! WTF. I listened to some older songs yesterday, man where did the time go?

Anyway, lets start this post.

~~ Somewhere 6:20 am in germany ~~

My phone plays a lovely tune and tortures my ears until my body is strong enough to shut the demon sounds down, I slowly wake up, get out of bed, head to my PC-Room and turn that machine, which was once used for gaming only, on.

Okay, thats enough of this novel style of writing haha.

So I head out for work sometime between 7 and 7:30 am, so that gives me around 40+ min each day to get ready and check some steem stuff!

Let me add another thing before we start, Im the type of person, that does something to the extreme, probably not the healthiest thing in the world to do, but thats who I am, when I do something Im really into it!

New game released? Play it in every free minute per day.
New hobby? Research stuff all day long
You get it.

So, sometime in october I found the Splinterlands UNTAMED kickstarter, and have since become a steem addict? So heres what I do most days.


Theres no real order in which I do what each day, so the order Im listing it in doesnt matter!
One of the sites I visit multiple times per day is Steem-Engine. Mostly to check the DEC price.

SE wallet.JPG

Then I will probably check out Steempeak, either on my phone or while Im at the PC.

I mostly just check notifications at this time, maybe comment somewhere, since I dont have that much time in the morning.


Next up, I head to Peakmonsters to check if any of my bids have been filled and if I need to adjust them.

PM profile.JPG

And, dont you just LOVE it, when you see this? facepalm man.JPG

Some days I dont have enough time to update my bids while at home, so I do it on my work PC.


Lets skip ahead some, isnt time travel amazing? Around 6 pm my splinterland daily quests reset, so thats the time where I go and do them! Currently I manage four accounts, and always play two at the say time, side by side!.

double SM.JPG

I also try to keep the ECR of all four accounts at 80% when I stop for the time, so it never reaches 100%.

While Im playing I will watch netflix or youtube, or listen to ASMR. And of course, I will be stalking every single thing that is said in the offical splinterlands discord!

Untitled design 1.png

For the curious, these are the discords I mostly stalk hang out in.

discord 2.JPG

I dont do this every day, but I also like to check the steem price from time to time. Not really sure why, since Im not an expert and cant predict anything haha, but I guess its fun?


coingecko 2.JPG

Every other day or so, I will also head over to #steempeak and do one or more posts, like today!
making post.JPG

Most of them take me quite long actually, sometimes I take break and play some splinterland games, other times I just finish them in one sitting. I will mostly have all the imgages prepared before hand, so that I "only" need to write the words and put the images in.

I also started to do real thumbnails for my posts recently, like I would on youtube! I really like making thumbnails!

I use the free website Canva for that.



I also make sure to check how many reward cards have been "printed" already. I do this like once per two days, it takes like 5 seconds haha.

reward cards.JPG

I spent a lot of time (maybe too much?) in the splinterlands discord and adjusting bids on peakmonsters :x

Its insane how much I do with steem now, after only 25 days on this platform! I just checked, and thats how old my first post here is!

Let's see how long I can keep this up! So far its looking good! And its thanks to @aggroed and @yabapmatt :)



Haven't joined #splinterlands yet? Click me to go to the website!

Want to join their official discord-server? Then right this way please.


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You have the best Splinterlands posts ever! I love this routine here as it reminds me of mine!! Yes! We are truly Splinterlands addicts! It is mostly what I do all throughout my day! I love this! You have so many great Splinterlands posts! An upvote from Steem Monsters is headed your way!

Ahhh thanks <3