Watercooling! Oh what a nightmare it can be!

in #steemlast year

Today I was hoping to get my computer back up and running after installing a new gpu and doing a much needed clean and coolant change.


However. Problems arose that slowed us down and ultimately lead us to only just getting it filled up at 9pm.

First off while draining and disassembling, one of the rads did a backflip out of the case and kissed the floor.
It bent one of the ports. So we spent some time disassembling the rad and doing a leak test. It didn't leak and the bend isn't to bad.

So crisis one averted.


We next had to alter some pipe to fit the new gpu and for some reason unknown to us one side of one of the gpu pipes desided to crack!

Fortunatly we had just enough leftover pipe to rig up the gpu for the moment.
I actually prefur the new layout over what it was.


So we got everything assembled and filled with pastel orange and clear liquid.
Note I said clear... As you can see its almost black. Even after rinsing and running a cleaner through it for 12 hours it's still got black in it..

Oh well.


So now it going to run overnight to clean out bubbles and see if any leaks develop. It's wired up to a spare pc with the powersupply shorted so it just runs the pumps.

Hopefully tomorrow I have a running computer.

Unfortunately I have a feeling that there is a reaction going on between the coolant and residual cleaner, old coolant, water etc seeing as no amount of rinsing and flushing seemed to get it all out.

At least it doesn't need to come apart again for another year or two when I do a big upgrade.

Now I'm going to have some tea (it's 10.30pm) and play a bit of animal crossing and then sleep.