Making 'Space Like' Desktop Wallpapers with AmberLight

in #steemlast year

I've been working on making some interesting 'supernova' or 'hyperbeam' kinda looking backgrounds with Amberlight 2

I quite like them and it's quite satisfying fiddling with the various settings to get interesting interactions going on.

Here's one I did a moment ago, it's not super fancy but looks cool in it's own right.

Amberlight Background 01.png

This one is for a 2560x1440 resolution. You're free to use it as a background if you like.

I'm going to see if I can get some more interesting things happening and try a few different colour combinations.

Here's a bonus one I just made with also looks pretty cool.

Resolution 1920x1080
Amberlight Background 02 1920x1080.png

Resolution 2560x1440
Amberlight Background 02 2560x1440.png

Feel free to right click and save as to download.

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