What the hell steemit is ?

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Have you also ever wondered about these things like me ???

What is steemit concept ?

What will happen if i Upvote and Resteem other's post ?

What is the difference between steem and steem power ?
What is the calculation behind steem dollars ?
What is the difference between curation award and author award ?

One very interesting question, why the money earned on any post decreases after sometime ?

And you know this was not enough, we have one more thing that is steemd.com.
Here again some really confusing things.

What is this voting weight and voting power ?

Further more big terms like Reputation ?

Last but not the least what the hell Bandwidth Remaining is doing here ?

To all the smart steemittian out there, i request to help me understand these things and please share words of wisdom.

Thanks a lot. Please share my post if you are a newbie and struggling hard to understand STEEMIT.

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