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Pre-Release: HF19 Linear Rewards!

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I have to get back to work, so I'm not going to respond to a lot of this. We've been over it and are beating a dead horse at this point. I am going to clarify a couple things though:

  • I was talking about passive investing, not passive income. Like buying a stock without dividends.
  • I agree on your point that SP interest is not interest. All it does is protect you from a little bit of the network's dilution. And that dilution protection isn't very meaningful - it's only 15%.
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I was talking about passive investing, not passive income.

Passive investing has nothing to do with earning curation rewards. I think this is where your confusion lies. There is nothing at all passive about acquiring stake and using it for curation purposes. Curation requires active participation/work, whether it's manual voting or setting up and monitoring automated voting.

If your argument is that the vote target needs to be lowered because of "passive" investors, then there is essentially no argument to be made. Those aren't passive investors. They're lazy curators, they simply don't have the time to participate, or the incentive is not high enough to entice more participation.

There is no passive income on this platform. Passive investment is not passive income. Earning curation rewards is neither of those. It requires work...and it ought to require work. That's how the system was designed and how it's supposed to properly function.

This is social media, not a 401K. It's all about active participation.


There are different levels of passiveness. Someone who buys Steem/Power and doesn't participate in the network at all is as passive as it gets.

Someone who buys Steem/Power and gets on Steemit for 20 minutes a day is less passive than the person above, but still far more passive than the person who spends all day on Steemit.