A Google currency? It could happen

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Google currently doesn't have a currency of its own. Google is into nearly everything else. When Google sees opportunity, Google designs it, takes it, or buys it. 

Google owns YouTube, AdSense, reCAPTCHA, AdMob, Gizmo5, Teracent, Motorola, and many more! Google also has Gmail, Android (the name), and Google Wallet. 

Since Google owns Wallet, AdSense, YouTube, and others that pay its users, it would make cents (Ahum, sense) to have a currency all of its own. Google pays untold millions (or billions) to users for using and monetizing their services.

It occurred to me today that Google could save untold millions (or billions) of dollars by paying in their own currency. Google's millions of users would bring a huge demand for Google's currency, and if its in short supply, the price would go up, and up, and up! Due to the popularity of Google, the price of Google's currency could go higher than Bitcoin or any other currency!

I'll be keeping my eye on Google for an announcement of a Google currency, then I'll get in early to mine it -- perhaps the very first day of release! Currently, Google has not announced any plans of a cryptocurrency. I don't and never have worked for Google or any of its subsidiaries. This post is just my prediction on what they will do, within time.

Hey, who knows, they may be working on a crypto right now. I'm excited at the prospect of a Google crypto!

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That will be a bigger money move for Google, i hope so.

Yes, I am 100% sure they are thinking about it. Probably in every hi-tech company there is a meeting where everyone is brain storming how to stop or use crypto currencies. Bankers are running scared calling their government friends to put the foot down on using bitcoin and other alt coins.

Has the thought ever crossed your mind about a U.S. Crypto...???
You're probably not the only one who's mind it hasn't crossed...

They would have an immediate 'fight' with the establishment for sure.