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RE: SOS Daily News : all you need to know about the State of Steem @ 18 December 2018

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Great info. I'm telling people in crypto forums about Steem. I'm amazed how little most people know about it. Hopefully being on State of the DApps will help. I hope @partiko gets on the first page soon.

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Spoke the other with a guy who is very active and knowledgeable about everything crypto and realised ... he was not aware of the "reward fund" mechanism in Steem! He thought and assumed the authors got tipped by other community members, like on Yours! "No!" I said "and that makes a WORLD of difference! When I like an article I signal it and THE COMMUNITY values that signal by paying both the author for having written and myself for having discovered the article - it's not a zero-sum game where the money the author makes come from my pocket!"

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Yes I think being on the State of the DApps will be a great help.

Thanks for mentioning us!

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