Steem is having a network issue at this time.

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You know it by now. Steem network is having an intermittent network access at this time. As of writing this post, access to Steem Wallet is 2 days delayed.

We don't have ETA when the service will resume, but please keep checking. As soon as the steem network is stable, we will post an update.

Happy Thanksgiving, take this time your official break and have fun with your love ones. Cheers to YOU.

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We will continue to provide services to the STEEM Community. Only 0.1 STEEM/SBD to use our service so everyone can receive a piece of pie, not only those with deep pockets. So, take a break enjoy thanksgiving.

REMINDERS! @Shares Simple Rules.

  • The minimum bid is 0.1 STEEM or SBD to promote your articles.
  • The maximum bid is set to 0.5, but it is highly recommended to use 0.1 so many will enjoy using @Shares service.
  • We don't upvote (and refund) if your account is blacklisted. @Shares use the services of @steemcleaner, @cheetah, @spaminator and @mack-bot to keep it sanitize.
  • Please use our service to help promote your articles.

We donated 5% daily earnings to @Broadcast community, join us at discord channel.

WANTED! Entrepreneurs and Investors. Do you want to earn daily?

Delegate Steem Power (SP) to @Shares to receive 90% share daily payout. Choose your budget to delegate. NOTE: The links will redirect to SteemConnect for secure connection.

Thank YOU.


As a member of the @Council - Community Curator Service, this post has received a 100.00% upvote.

Members of the community can all chip in to Power UP. Become a member, delegate 10 or more Steem Power (SP) to @Council to receive upvote and resteem. Here's the link to delegate it will redirect to Steem Connect for a secure connection. We share the Steem Power of all members that delegate to Community Curator Service, sharing our SP for a stronger upvote.

Thank you.
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I noticed that Steemd is delayed by 2 days, but the whole network? How could we post then?

It’s back to normal.

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