hey whats going on?

Most of you assholes were not really worth my time anyway.

Well you were mine.....

Have fun stealing from others. Steem? No different than Whaleshares, Weku, Bearshares.
All the same thing.

Cant steal money that is yours], have faith

You want a FUCKING TRAITOR? Be careful what you say.

You are no fucking anything , i promise

Yeah, I know how to play this game.

This game is called sitting it out and be prepared not run away , you know that . Don’t leave the soldiers. We need a Sargent

I never expected or asked for anyone to upvote me or give me special treatment. This is just not the place for me.

It is and you know it , I call on @wesphilbin , @jamerussell and @thekittygirl to tell you aswell

Of course it is... unplug... focus... remember to breath @sgt-dan... and remember the friends who DO want you here...


Let's see. A couple of comments on my own post? Might get an upvote from @arcange.

Want an upvote?
I can give you an upvote
Tell me how much ?

Is it time for me to call out my alt-accounts for upvotes?

You have alts , to much hassle to call all off
To many keys to bother with,
No dont do it stayyyyyyyyyy

Oh yeah, you label me a traitor? I will show you a traitor.

I thought you were called Dan?

I have never wished to harm anyone. I know I am a bit gruff, but for me? Enough is enough. This whole outfit is bad for my nerves. Nothing personal. Just best for me.

@jackmiller is a fucking cunt.

Who is Jack ? Never met him .......

I am leaving STEEM and this time it is final. I am sorry. It is what it is.

Why I was stupid enough to hang around here as long as I did? I have no idea.

I have the idea you kinda liked it, and we like you

A traitor? Never to my Country, but your representative of STEEM wants a traitor. Oh, you ain't seen nothing yet. @coininstant has nothing on me. A line has been crossed.

When someone says i am a ho i dont leave, i take him by the balls and let it get fun, no running away , not in this state.
Did you see the movie 1917

A bunch of economic terrorists. Yup.

When it comes to money that happens, you knew that, you are not a retard. You know the drill its difficult and frustrating thats for sure but no reason to run away.
You know better you wouldnt have the guts to be a traitor

This old drunk is not as stupid as you think.

Can i have a drink too, maybe that helps

All delegations I have made will expire on March 5th 2020.

Everyone to which I delegate including the folks of @steemterminal should make adjustments as necessary.

Dear Sarge,

I woke up this morning and sitting here with my english tea reading your message.
Am i shocked, no this is temporary , and problably a mistake. We all have difficult moments, but we cannot do without you so, sleep on it and revoke all thats done. Stay with us. What would i do with my runner up and dancer in the night. Don’t make me jump on a plane sir.
Love from cold holland

!giphy jack of trades

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

A man can take so much. I realize there is a difference of opinion concerning politics, cool. Yet, THIS IS MY FUCKING COUNTRY, not just because I was born here, but spent most of my adult life in service to this Nation. I earned the title of an American. That is something our current President can not claim.

Fuck you Jack and everyone that worships at the throne of Trump. You are lucky the possibility of us meeting face-to-face is not likely to happen. After what you called me?

When you say

in service to this Nation

I assume you mean that you took a steady job in the military because you recognized your own shortcomings and you needed a pay check.

You ever think before talking?

You are absolutely correct. Any more questions?

I disavow you @jackmiller and all the rest of this predominantly super right-wing flat earthers that make up STEEM. You and @aggroed and his ilk have a great deal in common.

I leave you altogether. I am out. Been thinking about it for a bit. You just put the final nail in it. I will keep enough to play poker and Splinterlands. The rest of this horse-shit? Not interested. You and the fucking Irishman save the world with your horse-shit. Convert everyone to Papists and bring in your Utopia.

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