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RE: Steem Power and Governance, Part 1: Centralization and Decentralization

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Or stumbled upon this if I am following you .... =)

At teh beginning i thought it was going to be another typical introduction to the system post, but its much more in depth and fairly easy to understand.

I begin now to understand the difficult job of the witnesses and the data storage and syncronization.

Can it be possible for a few witnesses to disagree and to release their own data, seperate of the system (a fork)?

Or is it possible for a witness to influence another to change data?


It is not possible for any witness to deviate from consensus in any way.

Is it possible for them to release a fork if they wish since they have the database?

Yes, the chain can be forked, but lots of factors will work against any fork but the "official" fork being adopted. I'll get to these factors as the series progresses.

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